Join a Training Institute

With a new knowledge base specially like a skill-set like project management skills require joining a training institute. The training institute will provide the content required, methodology and techniques required to pass the PMP examination. PMP certification test prep classes are available in all major cities.



People underestimate mindset. This is how you have passed previous examinations or achieved different progressive milestones. Many people like audio tools, some prefer video and many prefer an amalgamation. At the end, these are only tools. We need to know your involvement in delivering excellence. That is simply the bottom-line.


4 hour Stamina

The examination is going to take out 4 hours of your life from you. You need to com prepared. Hundreds of my students miss this important element. Jog, run or do something that keeps your movement, momentum and drive going. This is what will take you through the 4 hour examination session.


Extensive Knowledge Applications

I tend to agree to many theorists that practice makes perfect. PMP is nothing else except the road-map for project excellence. Hence, it is of critical essence to have a proper engagement with the practical life. I highly encourage students to learn new trades, get involved in resource planning and conceptually plan things out. With practice, you get the best of both worlds.



PMP is going to be one of the most challenging and strong witted examinations that you will ever take. No one said life was easy and PMP exam proves it to the core. What you really need to know is that you need to prepare just like a marathon. That is the trick. Day by day you need to focus on the most important elements and core features. Each topic and module will be of critical importance.

  • Learn a topic and immediately perform questions and read all the answers and the logic behind it. This will give you a clear perspective if you are on the right path or not.
  • Extensive amount of questions – Go through a good 4,000 questions. Yes. 4,000 questions. This high number will give you a better chance of getting through.
  • Have faith. People need to know that they will pass the examination. And this is not just luck!