Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

solar panel next to tree installation

There are several advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.


Advantages of Solar Energy

Let’s begin by discussing the main advantages of solar energy in Pakistan:

  • Intensive energy supply – Solar power is one of the commodities that tend to never run out.
  • Clean and Safe – unlike other resources that create waste, solar power is clean and safe.
  • Seamless technology – the technology that drives solar energy has become a standard.
  • Limitless opportunities – due to solar rays being everywhere, the solution of solar power is a practical solution in any city.
  • Cheap- with the advent of mass production, the cost of implementation is cheaper and a solution easily within grasp of a common man.


Disadvantages of Solar Energy

  • As the name implies, the solar energy is directly proportional to the availability of sunshine. Solar energy cannot generate without proper rays of sun.
  • Warranty and testing of all solar systems to be run on frequent intervals.
  • Solar panels require ample space for build-out, hence, the need of spacing is mandatory. If you require solar energy, but are limited to having space for panels, then this can be a limitation.
  • Solar Panels charge batteries that in turn power the solar devises. This again requires space.





Question 1 – What is Solar Thermal Energy?

Solar Thermal is a bit different methodology. The sun rays are heat water for smaller segments like a residence or small office. Large-scale operations use that same solar energy to heat oil. Heated oil produces steam for throttles machines, turbines and other larger mechanical cycles. In essence, the electricity that can be produced through this method can also produce electricity to thousands of households and commercial buildings.

Customer Reviews

” I have three gorgeous daughters who live abroad and come back during the summers. The summers are the best because of the timelines. However, the electricity problem is the biggest hurdle. I love seeing the kids for extended amount of time, but the heat keeps them away from Pakistan. Our UPS and generators can do so much. So, we finally decided to go for a solar panel system for our residence and found that the services from thinkfaculty was amazing. They gave us demo of different products and the installation was easy. No big issues. It is working great. Recommend it to everyone.” – Mrs. Bokhari, Lahore


Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

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