PMP Examination Preparation Classes

Planning to take the PMP exam? Enroll now in an upcoming PMP Preparation Class. Increase your chances of passing your examination first go. Project management certification is a reality. What is a project management to you? You need it for a career move. Or perhaps for knowledge. Irrespective of the reason, it is possible. You need three things. Firstly, the right trainers. Secondly, best Exam Prep PMP material. Thirdly, environment to learn.


PMP Examination Overview

PMP training course provides an in-depth preparation guide to students. Step by step preparation guide for professionals and senior management executives. ThinkFaculty Company is rated number 1 for PMP Training in Asia. Why are we the best? It is simple. Our trainers are professionals. They been leading companies. Led major projects. They bring that experience to training.

Knowledge trainers matter. They can explain theories with experience. That is the best training method. You can be on an IT project. Or work on a manufacturing plant. Project management framework remains the same. You can take IT project management training courses. That helps. But the exam is the same irrespective of our roles.

Preparing for exam is a one time opportunity. Pay more. Get best training partners. Project Manager leaders teach the main courses. The Project Management Training Courses provide students with an in-depth analysis of all the project management training curriculum and tips required to pass the examination in the first go.


Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers
  • Senior Management
  • Project delivery team members


Exam Prep PMP Outcomes

  • Comprehensive understanding of PMP processes and techniques
  • Get a clear direction on how to pass the PMP examination first time
  • Exam preparation techniques PMP
  • Direct engagement with world-class PMP trainers to coach and train


PMP Course Duration

PMP Certification classes is a 4 full day training course. Students and professionals can either take our weeknight or weekend classes.


Project  Management Training Course Outline


  • PMP Process Framework—Building blocks of the PMP examination.
  • Knowledge Area Content— Extensive group study on the critical knowledge areas of PMP certification.
  • Mind-Set— In order to pass the examination, the mind needs to be prepared to take on 4 continuous hours of questions ranging from a wide variety of topics. The training program will provide exercises and methodologies to train for the examination.
  • Test Examination—Examination questions to prepare you for the certification.

Our PMP training certification curriculum ensures that you have the best success rate. In fact, we are also provide completely free 4,000 free questions.


ThinkFaculty PMP Training Method

ThinkFaculty PMP Preparation Course includes two things. Firstly the preparation Guide. Secondly, PMP Preparation material. Our PMP preparation material and guide gives you direction. Initially, you need a starting point. Our content does exactly that.

Our material has a success record. It contains everything you need. In essence, if you read it. You pass. Preparing for PMP certification becomes easy. All in all, our Exam Prep PMP material is based upon Rita, PMPBok, and best practices.

Material has all modules. Learn tips. Enhance knowledge. It gives a high level detail. And then moves into the important topics. Also elaborates on Exam Prep PMP theories. You need to know these theories prior to taking exam.



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