Scope of Social Work in Pakistan

Scope of Social Work has always been in great demand. Third world countries and developing countries need social workers to help roll out massive social projects. Social work is the activities associated with helping people and communities. Social work graduates get jobs in the private and public sector. Pakistan boasts numerous social workers that work […]

Scope of Mass Communication in Pakistan

What is the scope of mass communication in Pakistan? Scope of mass communication in Pakistan is exponentially expanding. The growth of the online digital age is driving the mass communication scope in Pakistan. Do you love photography? Is video your passion? Do you have an interest in making documentaries for public issues? If so, then mass […]

Scope of Dermatology in Pakistan

This blog is dedicated to clearly defining the scope of dermatology in Pakistan. The article updates on the latest salaries, careers and opportunities available for dermatology graduates. Basically, dermatology is the study of the diagnosis and treatments of skin. It focuses on all the disorders associated with skin. A dermatologist is a medical specialist that […]

How to start a Call Center Business in Pakistan – Step by Step Checklist

A call center business is a very profitable business. But how do you start a call center business in Pakistan? This article is a detailed step by step checklist. Use it to understand how to begin a call center business in Pakistan. Call center industry in Pakistan is growing each year. With the dollar rises, […]

Call Center cost setup in Pakistan

The costing of any call center set up in Pakistan really depends upon the type of call center that you are trying to set up. Call center setup cost in Pakistan depends upon different services you intend to add into the call center operations. Call center costing is just one component of how to start […]

Scope of Psychology in Pakistan

Psychology is a growing field. It deals with mental ailments. You learn to assist individuals, groups and companies deal with psychological issues. Scope of Psychology in Pakistan is definitely on the rise. The demand for psychologists in the market defines the scope of psychology in Pakistan. Many universities and colleges offer different degrees in psychology.  […]

Scope of Computer Engineering in Pakistan

Scope of computer engineering in Pakistan is drastically increasing. Computer Engineering is drastically different from computer science. Computer engineering focuses on technology, hardware, and programming. Whereas, computer science is hard core programming. And it covers more programming languages. The best university for software engineering in Pakistan will not be the best university for computer engineering. […]

Scope of Electrical Engineering in Pakistan

This article narrates the importance of electrical engineering in Pakistan. The objective is to clearly outline the scope of electrical engineering in Pakistan. Clearly the article highlights all the career options available to electrical engineers after graduation. It discusses salaries and job market. Electrical engineering is a study of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. It is […]

Scope of Zoology in Pakistan

This article describes the scope, jobs, career, salaries for zoology students in Pakistan. Zoology is the scientific study of animals. This study entails learning about the behavior, structure, and physiology of animals. Animals are a part of our ecosystem. They also have certain parts to play. Understanding them is critical for our survival. All animals […]

Top software engineering universities in Pakistan 2020

The list below are the top software engineering universities in Pakistan for 2020-2021. List is compiled after compiling the following core parameters: graduate students obtaining jobs quality of faculty company review of students after employment Based upon these important parameters the following list is made. Software engineering is one of the best fields for females […]

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