Scope of Social Work in Pakistan

Scope of Social Work has always been in great demand. Third world countries and developing countries need social workers to help roll out massive social projects. Social work is the activities associated with helping people and communities. Social work graduates get jobs in the private and public sector. Pakistan boasts numerous social workers that work […]

Best Fields after Fsc Pre Medical in Pakistan

Here we list the best fields after FSc Pre Medical in Pakistan. This is not the complete list. It is a subset of the complete list of all fields after fsc pre medical in Pakistan. Which fields are the best for medical students? Which field is best after FSC pre medical in Pakistan? What to […]

Scope of Forensic Science in Pakistan

One of the top fields in Pakistan is forensic science. Forensic science refers to the field of science that works with the legalities and law. In any country where crime is prevalent, forensics science plays a very important role. Forensic scientists investigate, collect and provide evidence for criminal activities. The scope of forensics science is […]

Scope of Dermatology in Pakistan

This blog is dedicated to clearly defining the scope of dermatology in Pakistan. The article updates on the latest salaries, careers and opportunities available for dermatology graduates. Basically, dermatology is the study of the diagnosis and treatments of skin. It focuses on all the disorders associated with skin. A dermatologist is a medical specialist that […]

All fields after Fsc Pre Medical in Pakistan

Fsc Pre medical means you have taken Biology as a major. Why students choose Fsc pre medical? Mainly to become a doctor. However, there are limitations. There are limited medical seats in Pakistan. University of Health Sciences takes exams for MBBS admissions. Same is the case for MBDS admissions. Eligibility is 60%. Below is a […]

Fine Arts Scope in Pakistan

What is the scope of fine arts in Pakistan? The blog discusses in detail the scope, salaries and opportunities for fine art graduates in Pakistan. Basically the bachelor degree in Fine Arts is to give awareness to the artistic in you. It educates students on multiple disciplines. Core objective is to make artists. Artists that […]

All fields after fsc pre engineering in Pakistan

Below is the complete list of all fields after fsc pre engineering in Pakistan. It includes the best fields after pr engineering. Therefore, it includes many fields that 12th class students are not aware of.   Scope of Fsc pre engineering in Pakistan Engineering is field to stay. Undoubtedly, it will only expand. New technologies […]

Complete List of Commerce Fields after 12th in Pakistan

What are the best courses after 12 commerce? What are all career paths after fsc commerce in Pakistan? List down the best courses after 12th commerce with good salary. These are just some important questions students and teachers ask us. Important questions. What to do after intermediate in commerce is important. You are talking about […]

Scope of Aerospace Engineering in Pakistan

The scope of Aerospace engineering in Pakistan is increasing. This article discusses in detail the Aerospace engineering scope in Pakistan. It highlights all of the career opportunities in salaries are Aerospace engineers. This blog answers the question – what is the scope of aerospace engineering in Pakistan. Aerospace engineering is drastically different than aeronautical engineering. […]

Scope of Chemical Engineering in Pakistan

Chemical engineering is a very important branch of engineering. The scope of chemical engineering in Pakistan is growing. The objective of the article is to provide answer to the question – What is the scope of chemical engineering in Pakistan. Article talks in detail about the jobs, careers, and salaries for chemical graduates. Chemical engineering […]

Career Counseling Tips for Commerce Students

Commerce is a very different field as compared to Engineering and Medical. It has many options. You can choose to become an income tax practitioner. Or you can become an economist. However, commerce has many choices and fields to choose from. They are distinct in terms of their specializations. These fields require different aptitudes. A […]

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