Master The Art Of How To Get Business For Call Center In Pakistan With These 6 Tips

This is a million dollar question. How to get call center campaigns for your call center in Pakistan? Getting call center campaigns takes time. However, there are certain ways of getting call center campaigns. This article shows how to get business for call center in Pakistan.

How to start your own call center is the first step. Second important step is to win call center business.


How To Get Business For Call Center In Pakistan

Pakistan is a growing business for call centers. In fact, USA, Canada and Europe is sending more traffic to Pakistan. Pakistan call centers are running telemarketing services.

Basically, the call centers run business process outsourcing or telemarketing services. International outbound campaigns from Pakistan market share is growing yearly.

Telemarketing services is to make sales through telephony calls. And the call centers get paid after sales are closed.

You can also get businesses through local businesses.


Win Call Center Business in Pakistan with 5 successful tips

Below are the top 5 tips to win call center business in Pakistan.


Connect with Small Businesses in Foreign Countries

Small businesses are always looking for ways to saving money. Smaller companies can outsource. Outsourcing saves money. This does not have to be a call center. It can be a support center. For example, smaller clinics can outsourcing billing to second world countries. These businesses exist. You need to connect with them. How? LinkedIn is a great place. Many of times companies use Twitter to ask. Many sites discuss outsourcing. Be online and connect via social media.

All it takes is one customer. More you connect the better. Many of the companies that we consult win got lucky from one customer alone. And that is all it takes. So get ready! Connect today. Build contacts.

You might get inbound or outbound campaigns. In case that happens ensure your team delivers. Inbound and outbound call center training programs are mandatory. This ensures they are ready for new campaigns.


Personal Linkages

Many of times it is the extended friend circle that works. Use the personal linkages and tell them about your services. Let me give you an example. One of my clients were visiting in UK. And he told his uncle about his call center. His uncle spoke to his neighbor that was a chartered accountant. The chartered accountant needed to save money. And started sending their basic level to his country. It works like a charm.

You need to start talking to friends. And extended friends too. Tell them of the services. Make it a reality.


SEO / SEM Strategy

Use search engine optimization to rank your site. This is in case you have a site. You need to create one. The site to discuss your services. Talk about the call center. The benefits need to be clear. A good seo internet marketing company can do the trick. Look around. Many companies out there to assist.

You can also place paid advertising. This works too. However, you need to see what campaigns work.


LinkedIn Call Center Strategy

LinkedIn is a great place to connect. Basically, you hire a call center agent. Let him or her search LinkedIn for potential buyers. And do a sales pitch. Conversions are decent. Depends upon the agent quality and sales pitch? How to hire an agent? Here are some call center interview questions and answers samples for freshers. Use them to select best candidates.

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    Door to Door Policy

    Meet clients. Random visit companies. Talk to the operations people. Many of times they will tell you that they need cheaper services. Realize you will have the door shut many times. Keep the faith. This strategy has worked for many of my clients. Keep on knocking on doors. You have 3 minutes to discuss the idea. Make it work.


    Go to Social Activities

    Go to the circus. Functions do the job. I found one client at a music concert. True story. So every interaction is an opportunity. Make full use of it. Talk about your services. Discuss how to help each other. Talk about the business issues.



    Always remember that getting call center campaigns take precision. You need to work on it. Get connected. Be known. Go out there. And opportunities do come. Guaranteed.


    Master The Art Of How To Get Business For Call Center In Pakistan With These 6 Tips

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