Scope of Dermatology in Pakistan

This blog is dedicated to clearly defining the scope of dermatology in Pakistan. The article updates on the latest salaries, careers and opportunities available for dermatology graduates.

Basically, dermatology is the study of the diagnosis and treatments of skin. It focuses on all the disorders associated with skin. A dermatologist is a medical specialist that successfully diagnoses and treats skin diseases of patients.

Unfortunately, Pakistan has an alarming number of skin related diseases. Numerous individuals get different forms of skin problems, rashes and infections. Some become very critical. Due to the ongoing surge in skin care ailments, the demand for qualified dermatologists is increasing. The biggest issue is having the right technical and medical resources to cater to the ongoing demands.

A few number of colleges and universities offer different diplomas and degrees in dermatology. You need to pass your FSC premedical to quality for diploma or undergraduate degree in dermatology. Dermatology is one of the top-rated fields after FSC premedical. Getting admission is a hard task.


Dermatology Scope in Pakistan

One of the top medical fields growing in Pakistan. More and more students are pursuing this exciting degree. There is a huge need for dermatologists. Due to the increasing number of skin related issues, hospitals are focusing on opening up dermatology centers. Dermatologists are in high demand and the salaries are really competitive.

Dermatology helps in all skin related issues. You learn different solutions for different problems. Additionally, you get to learn of invasive and non-invasive procedures for skin issues. Great growing scope in Pakistan. Furthermore, many talented young individuals opt this career path due to the growth and potential.

Many companies are looking to expand their skin product lines. In fact, local brands are coming to market. Moreover, they need dermatologists to build their new products and services.

In fact, dermatologists are working exclusively in the market in research and development as well. Unfortunately, there is a growing number of skin infections increasing in Pakistan. Many can be causes. For example, the food we eat and the water we drink.

There is a balance of males and females entering the field. It is highly beneficial for both genders. However, becoming a dermatologist is one of the most recommended professions for girls in Pakistan. It has a bright future. There is career and salary growth. Subsequently, you continue to learn new procedures. Fun and exciting career path for females.


Jobs for dermatology graduates in Pakistan

Private and public sector both require dermatologists. Majority of dermatologists end up opening their clinics and skin centers. However, the medical sector is also recruiting a higher number of dermatologists to work on improving their skin products.

Dermatology professionals need to know that they need to have exceptional communication skills to open up their own clinic. Communication development courses are available to help understand and improve customer doctor relationship. Dermatologist need to explain technical details to patients. Hence, the need for quality communication skills trainings.

Below are the largest segments of hiring students graduating with a bachelor degree in dermatology:

  • Medical Labs
  • Surgical manufacturing companies
  • Health department
  • Education sector
  • Public Hospitals
  • Private healthcare units
  • Pharmaceutical companies

Majority of the students enter the pharmaceutical segment. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies have specialization in skin related products. Female dermatologists are leading the field. Clearly, they are successful business owners of products and services. Becoming a dermatologist is one of the top medical fields for females in Pakistan.


Dermatology Salary in Pakistan

Health care professionals make reasonable salaries in Pakistan. In fact, health care workers are highly paid in Pakistan. This depends upon your skills and your expertise. However, dermatologists are no exception. They start with a salary of Rs. 50,000 to Rs 80,000 per month.

However, with a few years of experience, the salary improves to Rs. 200,000 to Rs. 300,000. Exceptional professionals can eve make more than Rs. 500,000 per month.


Colleges and Universities offering Dermatology Courses

Different colleges and universities offer different courses in dermatology. Below is the list of the top dermatology courses students can apply to:

  • diploma in dermatology
  • bachelor degree in dermatology
  • masters in dermatology
  • FCPS in Dermatology
  • Clinical Clerkship
  • MCPS in Dermatology
  • MRCP in Dermatology
  • Advanced dermatology clerkship


The following are the colleges and universities that are offering different courses in Pakistan:

  • Jinnah postgraduate medical center
  • Punjab Medical College
  • Quaid-E-Azam Medical College
  • Nishat Medical College
  • Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Dow University of Health Sciences
  • King Edward Medical University
  • Sheikh Zayed Federal Postgraduate Medical Institute

Best university for MA Dermatology in Pakistan

There are different colleges and universities offering different courses in dermatology in Pakistan. However, the best university for MA dermatology in Pakistan is Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences in Islamabad.


MA dermatology scope in Pakistan

MA dermatology is an advanced degree. You need to have a bachelor degree in dermatology to apply for a masters level degree in dermatology. Since it is an advanced degree, it has a great scope ahead. Specialists are required in industry.

A master level helps build the technical skills. Typically, students interested in research go for their master level courses.

Scope of Dermatology in Pakistan

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