13 Incredibly Easy How to Improve Customer Service in Retail Tips

easy ways to improve customer services in any retail market

Retail business is a totally different ball game. Customer service in retail has its own dimensions and perspectives. Here are 7 incredible easy to implement and execute how to improve customer service tips in retail by leading customer service experts. How to improve customer service in retail? This is the question being answered. Let us begin.


Be Readily Available When a Customer Walks In

Being readily available when any customer Walks-in is the first key to success. Many of times we have seen that customer service front end offices are either very busy in doing other activities and do not acknowledge the new presence of a customer. You cannot have a worse beginning in and that.

35% of retail customer service teams are busy in other activities as new customers walk in. 78% never acknowledge the customer immediately.

In reality there’s going to be a lot of times that the front end customer service officer will be busy. Even when a new customer comes in you can immediately smile and request him or her to just wait a couple of seconds while you immediately disengage with the other activity that you’re doing. This refers to the customer centric business strategy that the company aligns to its people, technology and processes.


Stop Doing Anything Extra and Attend the Customer

Everything else becomes immaterial as the customer walks in. So immediately stop the email, phone or other operational activities. Our recommendation is that it should not take more than 25 seconds to close out any activity and respond back to the customer. How to improve customer service in retail deserves another level of thinking and mindset.


Customer comes First Mind-Set

Always remember that the customer comes first.

I would like to reiterate this concept. It is the entire life-cycle approach and customer service experience that needs to be the primal focus. The first 30 seconds of the engagement is the most critical. If you are able to greet the customer with a scintillating smile and have the tone and pitch perfect you are headed in the right direction.



The first expression is the smile. Ensure that this how you begin the conversation. Customer Service Smile defines everything. It is the beginning and the end.


Happiness is not a moment

When you start the engagement with a smile ensure that you keep it till the very end. Many of the retail businesses do this particular step selectively wrong. Happiness with the customer is an entire experience. So irrespective of the outcomes of the situation that the customer might place, happiness is not the moment. Give them an experience irrespective of his agitation level.

Keep happiness as a constant throughout the customer interaction.


Being the expert and understanding the situation

Whenever a customer walks into retail outlets he or she is actually looking for a solution. The product or service that the customer is trying to purchase is actually the solution for the problem. If you really understand this concept, the interaction becomes flawless.

Understanding an issue might give you an up-sell opportunity. Let’s give you an example of a local retail outlets in Canada. The customer just walks in to purchase razor blades. The customer service officer realizes the requirement. The understanding is that there are a variety of different razor out there in the market. So the customer service retail officer starts asking relevant questions.

Are you allergic to any kind of razor?

Do you have hard or soft skin?

These questions open up a new spiral conversion.  Very perfect dialogue. The customer was not aware of the fact that there are different brands available for different needs. The brands are directly proportional to the skin type and the quality of the shave that the person wants to have.

Since the front end customer service retail officer was able to understand the requirement he gave spectacular up-sell. The customer might have come in to buy a two dollar item. In he pays $ 15 for something he believes was worth it.


Take one customer experience at a time

Customer service officers at the retail outlet can never be jugglers. And we never recommend this approach. Irrespective of the urgency, always apply the first-come first-served rule. And if a customer has come make sure that you engage with them till the very end. There is no looking back. So never turn away from the customer or make another call or start working on another activity. Solve the first customer issue first. How to improve customer service in retail requires a very linear approach.


If you don’t have the solution accept it

Many of times the customer will ask a question that you will not be able to answer. That is perfectly fine. As long as you acknowledge the fact that you don’t know but you will find out the solution.

A customer walks in and demands for a particular item. As per the computer system, it is not in inventory. What do you say?

Let me go back and change if there is any extra pieces left.

I can find an outfit you attitude things will work out okay. The practical approach to we keep on training during a training programs is keep on being the solution Finder.


Go the extra mile

Going the extra mile will ensure that the customer is not only satisfied but also knows you care for that particular customer.


Understand body language

Mastering the art of body language will help you develop skills to further improve and cater to the needs and demands of the customers.


Timely Closure of Customer Inquiries

If the customer starts chatting with you and see simply make sure that you have a time-frame of delivery. You cannot keep the other customers waiting. He very quick and precise while dealing with customers.


Escalate Immediately

In case of any ambiguity start calling up your supervisor immediately. Never delay any kind of activities


Professional Good Byes

As a customer purchases sales item make sure that you have a professional goodbye attitude. This goes a long way



With the retail business going online the key differentiator between the retail markets is still going to be customer services. Customer service is not only limited to the physical dialogue between retail outlets – and a customer. However it is the entire life-cycle management approach. And this even includes the overall online experiences well.


13 Incredibly Easy How to Improve Customer Service in Retail Tips

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