7 Benefits of ITIL that Companies can take Advantage of

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Companies benefit from ITIL knowledge. There are two types of benefits. Firstly, ITIL benefits the professionals who pass the exam. Secondly, companies benefit from certified ITIL experts. Benefits of ITIL training is different from the main benefits of ITIL certification. You can maximize benefits by taking ITIL training!

ITIL is a framework of IT services, processes and methods. This is world-class knowledge. Furthermore, Knowledge gives power. Power to educate and enhance. ITIL training enhances the skills of IT professionals. Hence, enhanced skills are always a benefit to companies.

Study via an ITIL online course from any company. Or through any registered ITIL Instructor. These below stated advantages remain the same. Benefits of ITIL for an organization:


ITIL Training Delivers Many Advantages

Conclusively, ITIL Training is about skill enhancement. Like any training, knowledge brings many advantages. We will be discussing the main advantages of going through ITIL training. ITIL training delivers value. You get to learn risk management. Additionally, you get to manage IT teams effectively.   Develop a strong technical framework. You can build processes and methods. In addition, all of these enhance your level of delivery IT value. Let us begin with the top 7 benefits coming from ITIL training.

However, we do recommend professionals to go through a professional ITIL training company.


Increased Productivity

The main benefit is the productivity of individuals. Consequently certification increases skills. Skills directly affect productivity. Imagine improving productivity by performing activities. You get to learn how to manage time and cost.

Indeed productivity is about proper implementation. ITIL framework is a product framework. Producing productivity is about experience and skills. Let us give you an example. You are running a project of software integration. If you have a proper framework you can plan accordingly. Proper planning saves times. As per experience, an ITIL expert saves at least 32% in terms of cost and energy. This is comparing with non ITIL certified IT experts.

Productivity is key. You need to be productive from a time and cost perspective. Many of times productivity comes from timely delivery. Sometimes it comes with cost effective delivery.


Prevent Losses

ITIL training gives you knowledge to mitigate losses. Prevent loss through best performing risk methods. Hence, ITIL talks about mitigating losses by understanding gap during initiation phase. Losses happen each time. Daily losses occur. IT teams face losses each time projects occur. ITIL updates about IT losses. It gives a way to know how to proactively analyze.

Preventing losses as they occur is not practical. Best practice is to practice prevention before it happens? How? This comes through frameworks. Also strategies happen to prevent losses. You need to implement practices and prevent losses.


Improved Vendor Management

Learn how to manage vendors. And ITIL frame-work is based around how to improve vendor turn around times and vendor delivery mechanisms.

In an IT world, vendors exist. You work with IT vendors, software vendors and service vendors. IT depends upon direct and contractual companies. IT managers work with vendors. Management issues arises. This is common practice. Consequently, objective of ITIL it to show best ways to manage vendors. Vendor management is a skill-set. It is also essential. Without knowing vendor management you cannot complete projects. Cost, time and effort is effected.


Proper Gap Analysis

Identify gaps through a professional lens. Bench mark your current operations with best practices. Get clarity on gaps. Proper gap analysis is important for project closures. Correctly creating a list of gaps is the firsts step. Gap analysis needs to be pure. It has to have details of the gaps. Gaps of people, processes and technology.

As an IT professional, gaps exist in daily operations. Daily activities will have gaps. ITIL provide a mind-set to identify gaps.


Mitigate Risks

With the best processes in IT Service Management, risks are mitigated. ITIL framework has the processes and procedures that take into account how to reduce risks. Furthermore, best IT policies and procedures mitigate risks. You can learn this even going through ITIL foundation preparation classes.


Reduce Operational Costs

As per our recent reports, approximately 35% of operational costs are reduced due to ITIL frameworks. How is that possible? When you apply ITIL techniques, the operational level and efficiencies are all calculated. IT professionals understand that best practices bring excellent outcomes.


Service Excellence

Service excellence is a great benefit. ITIL is servicing internal customers. As well as external customers. Both are important. Imagine a world where IT is service focused. Furthermore imagine the benefits.


These are some of the main benefits of ITIL training. If there are other benefits you have come across please do state. We love to hear them from you!

7 Benefits of ITIL that Companies can take Advantage of

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