13 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Reasons why you Need to Start your Social Media Today! 

What are the real benefits of social media marketing? Are there really any benefits at all? Is this simply a fad? Are there really any social media marketing benefits at all? Millions of people like you realize that this is a question that will be lurking in the dark until you get the right perspective. We work with a variety of different companies, social media entities and private firms to boost revenue streams. And the best is the social media bandwagon. Let us share with you some of the benefits. In fact, the top 9 reasons why you should have started your social media activities yesterday!


Social Media Dynamics

The world is changing. Today it’s all about business. And not just any business but online business. A few years back social media was considered as a passing fad. In many perspectives social media was considered something that will not last. However over the course of several years, social media has become the only central piece forcing individuals, website owners, and companies to keep businesses alive. In fact we know of many businesses that survive only because of social media advertisements. There are over 3 billion Internet users as we speak today and growing every single year. The only question is: Are you connecting or not?

Is your company social active? On the other side, the growing social media websites are becoming marketing giants and offer newer businesses, services and features. Both markets are born and now reaching new heights. And if you ever wonder what are the top 9 key and most critical benefits of joining the social media bandwagon, then this is the only article on earth to serve the purpose. Ok, I might be over reacting, but you get the drift! And we do agree that many companies do realize that social media activities are critical and instead of performing themselves these below stated tasks, they simply hire professional seo services. Social media companies and SEO companies offer professional seo services for this very purpose. Their focus is to provide you with online revenue streams and online branding.


Reason 1 – Be Seen / Be Connected / Be Alive

The world needs to see you online. Many of our clients do have a website but do not have the sense and the know how to drive traffic. Excluding online and organic traffic, social media activities and campaigns can bring forth a major traffic to your site. This is the beauty and key benefit. Do realize that we have also seen more conversions on social media campaigns as compared to the organic search. But this again depends on the market segments.

In fact, this is the main advantage any top social media marketing agency will brag about. And it is obvious. Objective of any social media marketing company is to surface you as an identity in the ocean of online community. 

Being connected and seen in the online community is one of the main benefits of social media marketing. And a benefit that needs to be reaped by everyone.


Reason 2 – Use many colors / Graphs / Pictures to Tell your Story

One second most important reason why our consulting services rank number 1 in Asia is our ability to use colors, graphics and pictures to tell the story of the customer. Remember that organic searches only allow google and other search engines to drive traffic to your site. On the contrary, with social media and its different verticals, you can use pictures, graphics, instagrams and other cool and amazing campaigns to distinguish and create a value. People online enjoy the graphic sense of marketing. And this tool cannot be ignored. Social Media Marketing gives you the real picture and true control of all aspects to manage customer expectations.

Many companies have a wrong notion that postings of any sort is a job of any on page seo service company. This is the  wrong notion at together.


Reason 3 – Gain valuable customer insights

Social media platform is a two-way communication methodology. Many of the social media platforms now provide you with insights and key statistics that were never available to the end-user. Now you can actually see a variety of different segments and strategies associated with your customer base. You can now answer questions that could never have been answered before. You can now have a clear perspective of where the customer resides. Platforms now have the ability to see how you do on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites. We know of organisations that have done extremely well simply using the video social media sites. Best methodology that we have seen is comprehending and understanding the data that these platforms provide.

Platform analysis is meaningless if you cannot interpret the data and make wise decisions. The outcome of all data is the ability to make decisions. The right decisions. 

The objective of any platform is to give you the right data. The right area is defined as taxes and ethical amount of data that allows you to make right decisions. And I can have decisions will allow you to increase and expand your business opportunities.

Many of times a social media consultant is used to assist in understanding the data in totality. This is extensive data that needs to be interpreted and then can be comprehended by smaller tier companies interested in joining the online marketing segments.


Reason 4- Rich Customer Experience

Most of the customers are now online. They’re also looking for different trends in the market. Many of the customers will not use the typical e-mail strategy anymore to contact the web owners. A staggering 67% of customers are using social media to connect with customer services departments of services and products that they have purchased. They expect faster response times. Customer engagement has changed drastically.

In fact, we have a department that focuses on customer centric training and in it we now train the companies on building and retaining value through online market customer services.


Reason 5 – New Business Opportunities

Social media is really a new avenue and also an untapped resource of winning new businesses. Social media is now considered to be a very practical and informal way of creating higher converting leads.

Many studies  conducted by top universities across the world ignite this very fact. Social media is here to stay and the faster you can actually connect the better it is for your business. Companies drive revenue by implementing definitive social media tips for small businesses. These tips are recommendations from social media consultants. They do wonders.


Reason 6 – Increasing web site traffic

Consider your online website as another store. Do not think of this is just a presence on the Internet. In fact it is the opposite. A website is now deciphered as a main shop of your services and products. And consider it as such. To hire the right kind of people who can create value on your website is now a mandatory step that has to be taken. You cannot always  Hence it is very critical for you to focus on driving traffic to your website.


Reason 7- Comparative Analysis

Social media does not need only show data to be shown to you for your particular products and services. In fact social media dashboards are readily available that provide key insights to a variety of different segments. And this also includes the competition. Now you are able to understand where you competition resides in terms of value, revenue streams, and online traffic. This is also a strong indicator you can work on an action make the right decisions. Do realize that there are so many new tools and platforms now that customers have to be really sure of the applications value prior to purchasing any kind of comparative analysis tools.


Reason 8 – Sharing content at the speed of a bullet

Information sharing is colossal wins for companies who have started moving content at the speed of light. And time is information. The great advantage of social media is that it allows you to immediately send information to different perspectives. However, you need to have a proper content management strategy. Article content writing services provide the content.

Let me give you an example of one of our customers. He actually got a promo that he wanted to actually run since the promo was only for 18 hours. Something of a last-minute deal. Customer was really concerned that these products will not sell in a few hours.

There was much money riding on this deal and it could have gone down the drain if no one purchased the items. We took on online strategy on Facebook and Twitter and he was able to connect with the right kind of customers immediately. Lo and behold his entire stock was depleted within hours.

This is the magic of sharing information and making sure that people understand where you are. Not only does this work with advertisements but if you just want to send information to your valued customers. This also works. The magic trick is knowing where to place the social media activities and what type of information needs sharing.


Reason 9 – Geo Targeting

The world is very different. Different countries have different algorithms and different ways of doing business. And the beauty of social media is that it allows you to understand the geo targeting markets and the social media variants among different countries and communities. You are able to use Twitter for various countries and then you can use Facebook for different groups and also you can use LinkedIn pages to target a different audience space. Therefore, remember that every single audience space is different and unique to create a different social media strategy to align with it accordingly.


Reason 10- Relationship Building

The least last but not least is the building relationships benefit. Social media allow you to connect with real people. One of the great assets that we have found is the building relationships with different communities. I’ve become very strong and good friends with people from all across the world. Since we share the same ideas and thoughts it is very easy for people to connect.

In fact it is the reciprocal environment people like to share information with the relative free like people. I have built long-lasting relationships with mentors, suppliers and new customer base that I had not even fathomed.

How to deal with an angry customer over the phone is difficult. It is easier to deal with the same customer online.


Reason 11 – Immediately Rectify Grievances 

Information is a two-way street. So, if you are going to be able to communicate any news to the community. Well, then they can also do the same. Customers having bad experience get special treatment. Many people declare this as a bad omen. In our case, I love these scenarios. Why? Because it gives you all the reasons more to immediately respond and show the customer side of the equation.


Reason 12 – Cheaper Cost of Doing Advertisement

In the long run, doing social media as a cost of doing advertisement is a cheaper way. Perhaps in the beginning it might come out as expensive but in the long run, you end up saving millions. A tried and tested rule.


Reason 13 – Become Known as an Expert

Being social and creating equations builds your rapport and expertise online to the world. And this is a big big win. Specially for politicians and other political parties trying to make it happen. This is the magic of social media. This is one of the main benefits of social media marketing.



Let is give you a clear conclusion. The other question really is how do you begin? Social media and using its benefits is not a one-sided track. Benefits of Social Media Marketing requires an in-depth analysis. You need the expertise and the volumes to actually make it happen. It all begins with strategy. I really believe that you have either two choices. Hence, fire up professional social media company that actually focuses on growing businesses or you can simply start reading extensive material online and eventually you’ll get there. However to remember that everything matters. Time is of essence you don’t want the competition to be sliding fast in making revenue streams faster than you can think.

Below are the main benefits of social media marketing in graphic format. Enjoy!

7 core social media benefits outlined

Dear Readers, if you have any other aspects and advantages to share, we would love to hear about them!

13 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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