ITIL Certification Training

We offer best ITIL Certification Training. Training has two purposes:

  • Learn about ITIL framework
  • Prepare for ITIL exams

IT industry demands ITIL certified professionals. Currently, IT market is changing rapidly. The industry now requires a  new set of skills. Skills to drive and manage operations effectively. Hence, the need for ITIL. ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is a set of best IT services. Therefore, ITIL is a framework. It was high quality IT output. Since ITIL is a framework, there are different levels of expertise and skills. ITIL framework provides details on each level and skill requirement.

Here we will not be discussing what really is the ITIL Certification? We will be focusing on the ITIL Certification Courses.


ITIL Certification Courses

 Our organization offers the following courses:

Our organization conducts these ITIL certification training courses in Pakistan.


ITIL Certification Courses Outline

All of the ITIL certification courses focuses on the main ITIL life-cycle framework. Thus, the framework includes the following core stages:
  • Service Strategy
  • Designing Service
  • Service Transition
  • Operations of Service
  • Continual Service Improvement

Is ITIL courses worth it? Absolutely. One of the top certifications globally.


Service Strategy ITIL Curriculum

Strategy drives services. As an IT company you need to create a strategy. How to serve customers? What is the service? Cost of service? Benefits of the service? These are valid questions. And important questions. Create financial meaning. Learn how to make IT strategy. Firstly you note down what is your service. Secondly you create a business case.


ITIL Service Design Curriculum

Service Design is all about the designing service. Hence, you need to know capacity management. What is the demand in the market. What is the service? Resources required for service? Do you need vendors? If so, how are you going to manage them. Service design is about managing vendors. Consequently, it is also about continuity of service.

Design phase is where it begins. You define your service levels. Manage security of the solution. Here you learn to work service agreements. IT solutions might have other vendors. Learn to deal with them. How to work with vendors. And manage a service solution.


Service Transition ITIL Curriculum

Service is now designed. You know what to deliver. Service transition is about getting it live. Here you test the service. Evaluate the solution. Identify bugs. See how to release the bug. Create steps to deploy. Capture all the knowledge. Learn about managing a project. Manage the IT service as a project. In summary work from scope to finish.

Much change will take place. Managing change is important. Also manage assets. IT solution will consist of many assets. Additionally learn how to keep track.


ITIL Service Operations Curriculum

Manage operations. Keep things rolling. IT services need to be operational. Teams aligned. Besides, any IT service will face issues. Here you learn how to manage problems. Therefore, label events. And understand how to capture features. ITIL recommends each stage to be monitored. Evaluate events. Furthermore, understand results.

There are many applications in a service. You learn about managing applications. Keep the applications up. IT services need daily routine checks. Be responsible for maintenance. Additionally, learn managing technical support. Teams are needed to support service.


Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) ITIL Curriculum

Nothing is constant. Above all processes need improvement. CSI is about continuous improvement. IT needs change. You need to enhance value every time. Indeed, everything changes. Technology. Data. Requirements. Hence, CSI evaluates the ongoing requirements. As an IT leader you need to continuously monitor processes. Accordingly create new CSI initiatives. For example, do workshops with vendors.


ITIL Certification

All these modules are important. Each play their own roles. Every module has an input and outcome. Truly these phases are the entire IT service. ITIL Certification works on giving you knowledge. Skills for each phase. Firstly you need to become expert in strategy. Then become expert in design. Eventually you will lead the transition project. Finally, act like a project manager.

We recommend taking one certification at a time. Firstly gain understanding of the foundation course. Then move up. Do not just take exam. Learn IT Service. Develop the skill. Create value.

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