2020 ITIL Foundation Certification Course

ITIL Foundation is the first step in become certified. Therefore, foundation examination is mandatory. The exam focuses on IT standards. Exam takes a holistic approach. It does not go deep into each stage. In conclusion, objective is to create awareness of IT service parameters. Hence, ITIL foundation certification course is a must for IT professionals.


ITIL Foundation Course Introduction

The ITIL Foundation course teaches foundation principles regarding ITSM. ITSM stands for Information Technology Service Management. Course describes in details all guidelines.

The foundation training program has 3 parts:

  • ITIL framework
  • Case studies
  • Practice Exams

First part is on  ITIL framework. Learn about ITSM.

Second part is case studies. Consequently, we discuss companies implementing ITSM. What are the issues? Constraints? What are the benefits? How do they create strategy. In particular, case studies give an understanding of ITSM.

Thirdly, we provide practice exams. Objective is to score high. So keep on practicing. We evaluate the test. Provide answers. Therefore, we improve your chances of passing ITIL foundation certification.


ITIL Foundation Certification Course Outline

ITIL Foundation covers the following main topics:

  • Introduction to ITIL
  • Service Strategy
  • Design the Service
  • Service Transition
  • Maintain Service Operations
  • Continual Service Improvement
  • Exam and Preparation


Introduction to ITIL

This module introduces the lifecycle of service management. And introduces all the core topics.


Service Strategy

  • Basic Concepts of the Service Strategy Phase
  • Financial Management Process
  • Service Portfolio Management Process
  • Demand Management Process
  • The Business Relationship Management Process

These are the modules needed to create a strategy. You need to have a grip of financials. Additionally, you need to know service offerings. What are you preparing in the market? Need to calculate demand. Important phase. In short, learn how to create service.


Service Design

  • Basic Concepts of Service Design
  • Service Level Management Process
  • The Service Catalog Management Process
  • Availability Management Process
  • Capacity Management Process
  • Information Security Management Process
  • IT Service Continuity Management
  • Supplier Management Process

Second is the design phase. Here you lean how to design the service. Need to get the service active. How to manage design? Surely learn design creation. Indeed, important lessons here. Learn about capacity building. And also about availability of services.


Service Transition

  • Basic Concepts of Service Transition
  • Change Management Process
  • Release and Deployment Management Process
  • Knowledge Management Process

Here you lean about transiting. Transit the service. Learn about how to give service.

For example, you have a software company. Need to build an application. In this phase, you test the changes. Ensure the release is current. You work on deploying the application. These are key tools to learn here.


Service Operation

  • Basic Concepts of Service Operation
  • Event Management Process
  • Incident Management Process
  • Problem Management Process
  • Request Fulfillment Process
  • Access Management Process
  • Service Desk Function
  • Technical Management Function
  • IT Operations Management Function
  • Application Management Function

These modules relate to operations. Use these processes to manage operations.


Continual Service Improvement (CSI)

  • Purpose, Objectives, and Scope of CSI
  • CSI Principles

CSI is a continuous process. Learn 7 steps of CSI.


Exam Overview

  • Test Format
  • Test Taking Tips

Here we discuss test format. The type of questions that come. Get clarity on how to take exam. Where to focus. Learn tips of taking exam. We will ensure you are confident. Taking the exam becomes easy. After you learn how to take it.


ITIL Foundation preparation

We work closely with you to prepare and pass exams. You take exams. We mark them. Share the results. Prepare the gaps. Educate you on them. Further, train to bridge the gap.


Who Should Enroll? 

  • IT professionals
  • IT Help Desk
  • Support Services
  • Data Center IT Support
  • IT Tier 2 Support

ITIL V4 foundation aims at IT professionals. Anyone in IT to take classes. It makes a difference. You get to learn best practices.


ITIL V4 Foundation certification training duration

The training program is a 2-day event.

In addition, companies can get more days for consultancy.


Course Outcomes 

The following are the main outcomes:

  • Basic Understanding of ITSM IT framework
  • Create ITIL processes
  • Develop ITIL procedures
  • Reduce risk
  • Increase IT efficiencies
  • Execute best ITIL practices
  • Develop an effective ITSM strategy
  • Continuously improve service offering

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ITIL Foundation Course Pakistan

Clearly, IT is growing in Pakistan. IT is transforming. Companies seeing the need for ITSM. Apparently, service delivery is becoming key. Benefits are real. Companies pushing for IT practices. Banks recruiting ITIL experts. ITIL leaders bring value. Pakistan needs ITIL skills. Processes need improvement.

Want to transform? Need your teams to become ITIL certified? Connect with us. Let us build your ITIL skills.

Above all, we are developing ITIL skills for Pakistan.


ITIL foundation training and certification in Lahore

We offer ITIL Foundation training and certification specifically in Lahore. Indeed, top recommended ITIL foundation certification course.


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