Customer Service Skills Training was conducted by ThinkFaculty Company. The number 1 training institute  is proud to be chosen as the premier trainers to teach the leading school system in Pakistan regarding quality customer service skills. The main objective was to improve how new admissions are done and enhance value to the bottom line. We take pride in our delivery and how we impact the overall execution of customer service.

Let us share with you our execution plan and our success story!beaconhouse staff was trained on front end customer service dialogue

Schools, colleges, and universities interact extensively with a variety of different people. This includes students, teachers and specially the parents. And parents are the real decision makers. And word of mouth travels very fast. That is why we highly recommend that colleges and universities work really hard in developing the training and development of the staff. And what other way to do it than to have experts like us come in and evaluate the system.

In our experience, we begin with random calls and visits. We are able to evaluate the situation and drive the basic ingredients of success. This is the different between the other trainers and our staff. We have been driving customer excellence for over a decade and have written processes and procedures on this for many years. In fact, we are labelled as the number 1 training institute for training and development in Pakistan. We are building the customer service skills from a totally different dimension.

After the extensive analysis and presentation given to management, we created a quality oriented and target oriented customer service training program. Much has to do with how the company realizes the importance of the training program. In fact, many of the people that we work with finally get the picture that each person plays his or her part in creating value. And that value proposition is critical.

Many of the training programs that we inculcate allows people and teams to create value individually. It is not about the fragrance except what lies within. Customer service is a feeling, a touch, a sound and a voice. And that is what we want to resonate. People who do not get the reality check and definition correct are not the people we believe that should be serving people anyways.


Points from the Customer Service Skills Training Program

  • Care about the education of children. This needs to be a part of the social and moral culture of the organization. There is the only way to create the momentum and drive necessary to have students engaged for the longer period of time.
  • Create a value system of excellence. Students are the future of any generation. Love them and cherish them. Each phase of the education life cycle needs to be in a lovely, caring and passionate way. The only way to render service is through excellence of the heart and mind.
  • Be competitive. Realize the importance of creating people who can build dams, roads and dreams.


The training program has professionals from all over Pakistan. The customer service outcomes were astonishing as well. We recommend all education systems to go through a similar customer service training program catering to the needs of the market.