Four Interview Questions and Responses for Project Manager Interviews

Project Manager being interviewed by a panel

Becoming a project manager is one thing. And finding a job that actually meets your expectations is another. Many of times very successful project managers simply failed interview tests. You realize that the objective of any project manager is to get their dream project management job. If you’ve completed your PMP certification, then eventually you would want to find a job that is project-management specific.

We’re going to share with you the top four questions that many of the project managers across the girl globe face issues answering. We want you to succeed. Certified professional project managers will certainly be asked these questions during interviews.


Describe a situation where you encountered a team member that was very problematic and was disturbing the process time and cost?

What most people say: Many people are just rude, and they just cannot come to terms with the issues. So you primarily talk to the person. If there is no justification, then you immediately tell his or her respective manager.

What you should say: Professionals obtaining jobs in Dubai from Pakistan state this is a standard question being asked. In any project, hurdles and challenges occurring. Many of times the hurdles can be people specific or process specific.

Many of times when you understand the rudimentary issue, there’s always a workaround. At this point you can always give examples that can actually justify your understanding and execution style.


Do you have experience managing a distributed team?

What most people say:Yes many of times. I actually have to talk to people all across the globe.

What you should say: I have extensive experience in managing remote teams that are responsible for a common goal and objective. With a proper and balanced project plan in place, time zones do not become an issue. We have been able to successfully implement projects in a timely manner through collaboration. Positive communication training is also mandatory. This will help you learn to how to manage a distributed team.


What interests you in working for this particular company and taking on this particular project?

Many of the people say that XYZ is a great project and the company is a sound and robust company to work for. What you should say. XYZ project actually is one of the most leading an intensive project management tasks that will definitively change how a particular feature or skill set hinges a community or individuals. You need to focus on the overall project and its impact. Talk about the sustainability model of the project and how you enjoy taking part in teams that actually have the sustainability model.


How do you emphasize key points to people who are not listening to you?

What most people say:I try to document everything I  do with people.

What you should say:This is a very common phenomenon among fast pace environments and cultures. Different teams keep a busy schedule for their own deliverables and pay less heed to other projects.

Always be learning how to develop your communication skills. However, it is  mandatory that people understand the value of the person’s impact on a project plan.


What is the biggest hurdle in your project management experience?

It is actually balancing cost and time.

What you should say. One of the most challenging aspects of being a project manager is to grow leaders need to. I like to develop and continuously improve the processes and people around me. And in order to do that you need time and extra resources. But I love my job and I enjoyed teaching.

Four Interview Questions and Responses for Project Manager Interviews

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