7 Survival Tips for Call Center Newbies

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So you’ve finally decided to join the call center industry? You have recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree and a call center job seems to be the most lucrative option. Call center industry is typically one of the few industries that employ maximum number of fresh graduates. That is a reality. You are one of the lucky individuals that have decided to join the call center and are currently in the process of training or even joining? Tips for call center newbies will get you started.

Getting good at the call center delivery is not that easy. Very stressful environment and the criteria is very strict. Everything is not lost. When you join a call center as a newbie you will be taking part in a local or focused call center training program. Training programs for call center agents introduces the new agents to the processes and procedures. Training is to train the newbies to provide quality call center support.

They’re going to be many challenges. Like any other job call center comes with its own side of challenges and hurdles. The objective of this article is to provide you with the latest tips for call center newbies. After applying these tips in your daily life you’re going to become a star at your organization. So let’s begin!


Connect with seasoned agents

In any call center industry you will always have senior call center agents. Our first tip is for new bees is to immediately connect with senior agents and try to understand the flow and the processes. One of the easiest ways of getting better at what you do is learning from the experts. And this is a reality at the call center. Engage very senior level resources and become their friends. Call center industry is typical for helping others. Different agents will be working on various call center campaigns. So know whom to connect with.

If you do become friends with senior level call center agents there’s a high probability that they will help you out. Begin the journey with becoming friends with senior level resources. This is one of the top tips for call center newbies.


Listen to quality assurance teams

Quality is a core component of any call center. The objective of the call center quality team is to listen to the calls and provide qualitative and quantitative inputs to the teams and individuals. The second tip is the call center newbies is for you to become closely connected with the quality assurance teams. Tell the quality assurance executives to help you build your skills. The good part of any call center is that the gaps are quantifiable.

In our training and development of companies, we specifically work on quantifying the gaps of individuals. The quality scorecard provides a comprehensive understanding of where an agent is falling behind. You can been agent who speaks very well but is very bad at listening. Or you can be an agent that does not understand the technical products but are very good in the overall call dialogues. Know where your gaps are and Immediately Improve.

This is a proactive approach. Do not let the quality assurance teams work with you after the calls. Become their friends and allow them to help you build that level of engagement and understanding. One core skill is managing irate customers. Learn how to handle an irate customer over the phone.


Check Immediate Access to the Processes and Procedures

Call center industry is all about the processes and procedures. This Is irrespective of the industry that you are in. Train yourself. Read the entire manual and get an understanding of the processes and procedures. Many of times questions that you have will already be answered in the procedures and the documents.



The best part about 2018 and beyond is that you can easily find self-improvement videos. There are numerous free online tutorials for call center new bees to improve their skill sets. We highly recommend that you start learning the traits from the experts online as well.


Be positive

Inside any environment the attitude makes all the difference. You’re going to get extensive inputs from a variety of different directions. The best methodology is to remain positive. The mindset will go a long way in determining your long-term success. We see agents that have  positive daily lives go far in terms of their success.


Enjoy Helping Others

The beauty of call center agent newbies is that they are being trained to serve. If you can serve and like to serve then it becomes a fun experience.


Have fun

Life is too short. In any job enjoy the experience. Nothing is worth being so stressful. Enjoy the experience and build your career.


The tips will help you build a long-lasting career in the call center industry. If you have other tips to share, do share with us.

7 Survival Tips for Call Center Newbies

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