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Are you a Pakistani student looking to study abroad? Look no further. This is to be one of the most important articles that you will ever come across that focuses on study abroad for Pakistani students. Many students from Pakistan falter on knowing the best places to go for to study a particular subject. Even before going, there is planning and thought.

There are different things to consider as you decide to study in a foreign country. Education is just facet. Different foreign students have different needs. But if you are a Pakistani student you need to think from an angle of our needs and the laws that apply to Pakistani students in particular.


Why consider education abroad?

From our experience they are always going to be two major reasons to study in a foreign country for Pakistani students.

  • The first reason is that the particular degree and program is not available in Pakistan. They are so many degrees that are not taught at the top universities and colleges in Pakistan. An example of this is nursing and data sciences. Basic nursing degree from Pakistan is available. But the specialized nursing programs is not available in Pakistan. Similar is the case for data sciences.


  • The second reason is the experience and exposure after the degree. Even if the degrees are available in Pakistan the scope and exposure might not be available.


For these two reasons, thousands of Pakistani students tend to go abroad for higher education.


Study Abroad for Pakistani Students Checklist

Pakistani students need to have a proper checklist to understand the variables associated with knowing what to expect as they go and plan to study abroad. Studying abroad has different facets. Let us explore them and update you on setting your expectations.

Before you even stepped forth and consider a foreign education they are five things to evaluate.


Language barrier

As a educational consultant one of the problems that we foresee is a lack of learning ability of another language. Over 35% of students from Pakistan go to China or Germany. All students face a very difficult time in learning the new language. Attending workshops to improve communication skills is essential.

Irrespective of the fact that universities are in English, most of the overall communication and dialogue is in that particular language. You lose out in the quality of education and the experience if you cannot clearly comprehend the language. Many of the students keep on going behind in studies due to the lack of communication.

Hence we personally advise only those students to go to those countries that have the ability and aptitude to learn a different language. Otherwise you are heading for a colossal loss


Opportunity to Work

Secondly the opportunity to work. Some countries permit the students to work full-time or part-time during their studies. The benefit is that you can earn a decent amount of money. The majority of the countries do not allow this. So if you are going to be responsible for your finances then you need to also consider this as you move forward in your search for foreign universities to study abroad.


Cultural Experience

The cultural experience along with the education is important. The cultural experience also plays a very important part. Many students forget to consider the cultural experience. Many students go to the Russian countries for the medical. However those medical countries do not have sound medical hospitals. New environments teach you new steps to improve communication skills.

Another mistake is that a lot of students go to Bangkok for hotel and hospitality. In fact the largest hotel and hospitality market is in the UAE market. Bangkok is an entertainment cycle.

That is why we highly recommend students to go for an education advisor to get a clear impact and decisive decision on the future of their foreign experience.



Fourth element is the opportunity. Many countries might have the best degrees in the world but are limited in scope and experience. An example of this is New Zealand. These are smaller countries where the amount of available slots and experiences might be different as compared to studying in Canada or the United States.



This is a very important perspective. Majority of the students that for higher education want to go for sponsorship and citizenship. If that is the case then you need to look at specific countries then convert to citizen-ships.


Do note that students going abroad for higher education need to be planning their abroad education stay. This checklist gives a clear indication and sets the expectations.

Study Abroad for Pakistani Students

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