7 Killer Social Media Marketing Campaigns Ideas to Boost your Site!

7 ideas improving social media

Looking for ideas to build a strong, robust and powerful social marketing campaign?

Need help in sorting out the best possible means of launching your social media campaign?

Running out of ideas for your social media marketing campaigns?


So you are finally at the starting line of our social media! Must be excited and skeptical. It is all making sense. Creating killer social media marketing ideas is not an easy task at all! You went through the comprehensive understanding and quagmires associated with moving forward and building a robust and sophisticated marketing campaign.

The starting point is reality. Reality that social media does work and can create the benefits that companies and businesses have been in search of. Implementing the top social media tips for small businesses can generate revenue! Follow the below tips and learn how to gain online momentum.


Social Media Driving Traffic

I believe that you understand social media and are really excited to get your organization onto the new frontiers. Social media plays a very important part in driving traffic and providing you with the quality opportunities that were not prevalent in the typical and traditional market segments. Our organization and team members are very big fans of effective social media strategies. If you look at 2014, more and more organizations are getting into the social media spectrum. The question really isn’t the introduction or the nascent growth. The question really is picking up the remnants and understanding how to effectively use your social media campaign. Social media is not as easy as you predicted to be.

There are 1 million and new things that keep on changing. Social media is not a constant battle. In fact every single second, new ideas and perspectives are coming to play. And all the new and exciting ideas are not only interning but have a major impact in the overall bottom line revenues. Note that it is also critical for web masters and on-line marketing experts to keep on improving their understanding of social media. Awareness of best practices will pave the way for future growth. No site can run off of old techniques. Keep on continuing to grow. Companies pay millions of dollars to a seo promotion company to create these amazing and creative marketing campaigns.


Social Media Expertise

However, the main strategic mindset remains the same. We are bringing to you are extensive experience. Our organization has been building runways for a variety of different organizations through social media. So let us share with you nine killer and effective ideas that you can use for your social media campaign. And the best part is that this is not particular to any industrial segment. Let’s begin. We have also orchestrated live examples so that you can see the value add of the tips. Social media promotion services are key for advertising companies to market revenue shares. They keep building excellence.

We also guarantee that no one really died. Ok, that was a joke. Killer nine tips for social media is not about blood. But bloodless cooperation. I guess, this is leading to know-where. The following are the nine tips:


Animated pictures

Pictures say 1 million words. An animated picture say 1 million more. It’s really that simple. Irrespective of the age in the market segment, hundreds and millions of people all around the world enjoy animated pictures versus just regular pictures. Yes, people also love the pictures of homes, and landscapes. However, we’re talking about animated pictures that have a value and meaning. Let us give you a very simple and positive example. Animated pictures is another superb social media marketing idea.

We were doing a marketing campaign for an ice cream company in Asia. And we had traditional pictures of people enjoying ice cream. Once we started having animated pictures of different animals and superstars enjoying ice cream, the traffic really just improved. People enjoy liking and sharing funny and animated pictures. That is simply how life is. And that is one of the reasons why we highly recommend having a strong animated picture in your social media strategy.

Animated picture need to speak volumes. These animated pictures are important social media KPI metrics. Specially around important marketing campaigns.

You can so easily create a strong message with the lighter side of an animated picture. There is something more entailing of an animation performing a routine matter.


On-line games

Who doesn’t love games? Many of the people who are on social media enjoy participating in games. Game is a strong past time among the on-line community. The game however needs to be energizing and full of life. You just can’t expect people to enjoy lame games that no one really plays. Many of our organizations and customers that we work with have also created specific on-line scavenger hunt games for a particular market. One of the best social media marketing ideas.

An example of this is a cosmetic company that we work with. They started introducing on-line scavenger hunt games for females that could actually find the different shades of the listed lip stick on different patterns shown to the person on the screen. They simply just love these type of games. In fact, women of all ages started registering to those games well in advance. This is the magic of using online scavenger hunts or regular online games to excite and entertain your prospective customers.


Google Analytics or Bing Webmaster tools

These free applications provide you with a plethora of ideas. They have excellent keyword research. The keyword research needs to be speculated. Based upon those specific keywords you can create a typically different kind of campaign management. Let us give you another example.

Advantages of social media marketing can be visible through Google Analytics and Bing webmaster. Campaigns are events. And these tools catches data.

We were actually working for a bicycle company doing the social media. And when we started looking at the Google Webmaster analytical keywords, we were really surprised to see that people were also searching for colorful bicycle rims. Interestingly enough we started having different campaign management pictures and tips for bicycle rims. Lo and behold, the magic started to happen. More and more people started to enjoy the pictures and sharing it with others.


Search for Trends

Trends show you different campaigns that have hit big. There is no harm in duplication. Do not simply do it because it is the best practice. There needs to be a practical approach to it as well. For example, during Mother’s Day, we saw the best type of campaigns that were driving traffic and did a similar type of marketing campaign. We changed the pictures, call to action and other minute details before publication. One of the best social media marketing ideas.


Ideas come from everywhere

Never really take your life seriously. That is exactly what one of my gurus used to tell me. Social media ideas is not always serious business. I once asked my young son about carpets. Yes carpets. We were doing a social media campaign for a large corporate industry in the USA. And my five-year-old son said I love carpets because it does not feel itchy. We did a couple of on-line ads for non-itchy carpets, and the traffic numbers were encouraging. But along with the flow of ideas, content is still king. Professional content writers are also good to have since they have been writing for a while and can provide the new ideas for execution.


Call To Action Designs

Life without meaning is worthless and that is the same case with social media campaigns. There is always a perspective and you need to realize the end result. We keep on magnifying the principles of faith regarding social media. You need to demonstrate that there is a valued call to action. A Call to Action is a design that motivates a person to do something. For instance, perform a download, sign in a form or simply call a number.


Multi-Facet Social Media Campaigns

You need to have a multi-facet social media campaign including videos, testimonials and infographics. All have the benefits. So, test every one out and see how you can build and reap the benefits.


If you are interested in learning more and building more campaigns, we recommend that you consult us, and we can give you a gap analysis for Free. Remember that social media is a combination of gut feel, marketing and proper understanding of the dynamics of social media. Without it, it is going to be a rough ride.

7 Killer Social Media Marketing Campaigns Ideas to Boost your Site!

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