Project Management Courses

There are many project management courses. You can enroll in diplomas and certificates.

Not sure what is best for you? Confused on what course to enroll? We break up all courses. All courses have benefits. Besides it depends upon your need.


PMP Certification Training Course

Enroll in PMP Certification Training Course to pass exam. You need to take this course to get certified. It helps you learn important concepts. PMP is not an easy exam. You need to prepare for it. This course prepares you completely. Above all, best passing rate.

Initially, you take decision of going for exam. It is scary. That is natural. Many get tempted. It is not easy. Content is lengthy. But the world recognizes project certifications. You aspire. But do not know how. Secondly, you wonder. We recommend that you connect with the best trainers. Trainers provide quality training. Therefore, they make your dream a reality.


Online Course for Project Management

Project Management Course Online is a global certification program. People all around the world can connect. Premium online project management class. Best instructors available around the clock. Live classes. Chat. Email. Discuss. Best part is the costing. Consequently, most competitive pricing in the market.

Professionals enroll in our online course. Our online course facilitates. Online classes work. Our customers are professionals. They connect at their ease. By the way, we provide classes when needed. They can connect with trainers on the fly. Learn as you go. We are here for your support. Furthermore, our goal is for your to pass the exam.


Project Manager Certification Course

The prestigious project manager certification course is for project managers. This is different than the project management courses. The project manager certification is about learning the skills to become a better project manager. Nevertheless, there is a difference between project management course and project manager course. The framework remains the same. However, the project manager course is about developing skills. Project manager skills is about managing stakeholders.

You can know project management framework but not be a good project manager. To summarize, project managers need to develop their talent.

Afterwards project managers need to implement best practices. It becomes hard to manage projects without skill. You need framework.


Certification in Project Management

Many project management certifications exist. A certificate is for a particular module. Certificates are for people interested in learning about a particular core skill. Of course all certificates are accredited.

Below is the breakup of all certification programs:

  • Integration Module Certification
  • Scope Module Certification
  • Time Module Certification
  • Cost Module Certification
  • Quality Module Certification
  • Procurement Module Certification
  • Human resources Module Certification
  • Communications Module Certification
  • Risk management Module Certification
  • Stakeholder management Module Certification

In addition to the above stated certification courses, diploma in project management is also offered.


Software Project Management (SPM) Course

A unique software project management course for software project managers. Learn how to deliver software projects. A must program course for software project managers. Creating software is a serious business. It takes time and effort. Group of developers work together. Each have their own way of thinking. Different teams code features. Especially someone has to lead. Moreover, software development is a project. Without a project management schema, development is chaos.

This course helps in timely delivery of software. Software takes time. Last thing you need is delays. SPM course gives focus.


Information Technology Project Management (ITPM) Course

Information Technology Project Management Course is for IT project managers. IT professionals lead IT projects. They have to implement large projects. ITPM is to develop IT project managers. You become experts in managing IT projects. Significantly it benefits the projects.

Knowledge empowers. IT staff gets on the same page. For instance, we were working on a major upgrade. Not every IT team member had project management knowledge. This was costing a lot. People had no clue. Nothing was going as planned. We got everyone in a room. ITPM course does wonders. Everyone now understands the “Why” and “How”. Now the project runs smoothly.


Diploma in Project Management

Also, our organization offers diploma in Project Management. Organizations want to introduce basic project management principles to their staff. Diploma is a short course. It focuses on basic framework.

Diplomas only focuses on specific topics. We provide diplomas in project management team building. Also provide diplomas in project management strategy.

Below is the breakup of all diplomas:

  • Integration Module diploma
  • Scope Module diploma
  • Time Module diploma
  • Cost Module diploma
  • Quality Module diploma
  • Procurement Module diploma
  • Human resources Module diploma
  • Communications Module diploma
  • Risk management Module diploma
  • Stakeholder management Module diploma

We have a long list of diplomas. Each diploma unique. Choose your requirement. For example, you run the quality department. You do not need to know other skills. For this reason enroll in the quality module. The quality module focuses on all quality content. In particular we discuss how to measure quality. And how to measure quality.


PMP Training Lahore

Project Management Course in Lahore is a 4 day training program. You can enroll in weekend classes. We also offer week day classes. People living near Lahore can enroll. Our head office is in Lahore. Hence, we provide more courses here. Come and visit the office. Meet any representative. Sit in one of our classes for free. Meet the instructors. Finally see for yourself why so many people come to us to prepare.


Classes for Project Management

The following are the main classes being offered:

  • Initiation Phase Class
  • Planning Phase Class
  • Executing Phase Class
  • Monitoring and Controlling Class
  • Closing Class

Classes focuses on life cycle. So, if you are interested in initiation then enroll today. This class focuses on everything in initiation phase. Want to learn about executing a project? Enroll in the Executing Class. Monitoring projects an issue?

We have classes for the phases. Why? It makes sense. Many of times you only need phase wise knowledge. For instance, you are in the middle of planning. You have gone through the scoping. Now, you need direction. Mistakes already made. What to do now? Enroll in a planning case. We discuss best ways to plan. Learn the tools. Optimize your skills. It works.


Basic Project Management Course

Basic project management course is an overview class. It is about basic understanding of project management. You get to learn about the modules. Finally, learn about the knowledge areas. Good starting point. Truly recommend this course to everyone.

For example, a company wants to make new facility. More people are being hired. So this 2 day course will help all teams to understand how a project takes place. They will go through entire project phases. There are many benefits. Always have people know about project. Knowledge is power. Eventually with power they help the project.

When everyone is part of project, projects become successful. Why? Because everyone is on the same page.

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