Software Project Management (SPM) Training Course

Software Project Management is about managing a software project. Developing software is a skill. Therefore, developing software takes time. Developers work together. Each one works on different features. Meanwhile, time and cost needs to be monitored. Customer satisfaction is the second part. Who is responsible for the project? How to ensure timely delivery? Specifically, this is the job of the software project manager.

SPM is a life cycle approach. Project managers make developing software a success. Hence, the need for software project management. SPM course teaches the best software project tools. Thus, the objective is to manage a software project.

This course provides a focused approach. Learn the skill of managing the software life cycle. Consequently, this includes people and technology.

Lack of framework hinders developing software. It is critical to manage software projects. Imagine a software that has no scope defined? Different coders work on same code? How long is the wait time for release? Bug fixes keep on adding up? In short, this is reality. Projects ensure these things do not happen. Major benefit to SPM. Decrease bug fixes. Equally, improve up-time.

Software project manager (SPM) is responsible for software delivery. In short, he is to manage the project. From start till end. He ensures the scope is locked. Works with teams to set goals. He needs to know the entire software. Also, needs to know credentials of teams. Many of times, it is the SPM aligning resources.


Software Project Management Course Prerequisites

  • Basic Understanding of software development
  • Prior 1-3 years experience in developing software

It becomes difficult if you have no previous software experience. You do not need to be a hard-core developer. However, project mangers are developers. Frequently, basic computer science background works.


Who should attend this Course?

  • Software project managers
  • Junior software engineers
  • Senior software engineers leading projects

All members working on software project. It could be non developers as well. Indeed, all stakeholders to attend. Because all stakeholders will be on the same page. Similarly, this helps in building value.


Software Project Management Course Overview

  • SPM Training is a 4 – day training course
  • 3 day is PMP training
  • 1 day for software project management

Workshops have additional days. Subsequently, we focus on project gaps. What software houses face during projects.


Outcomes of the SPM Course

  • Understand software life cycle
  • Learn best international practices of software development
  • Undoubtedly, improve software quality
  • Manage software development
  • Deliver timely software projects
  • Align strategic goals
  • Develop a project delivery mindset

The outcomes depend upon goals. Indeed, each software goal is different. Learn how to mitigate risks. Improve quality. Above all, learn about best practices.

Core Modules of the Software Project Management Training Program


The following are core modules of SPM program:

Module  Description
Software Kick-Start Meeting
  • Initiation phase
  • Align business need
  • Align resources and timelines
Manage Stakeholder Requirements
  • Identify tasks
  • Calculate staffing
  • Engage team in decision-making
Software Implementation Phase
  • Measure software progress
  • Change Control Management
  • Evaluating Risk Management
Software Closure
  • Software Hand Over
  • Project Delivery

Workshops focus on certain modules. We have dedicated classes on these topics. Depends on the needs of customer.


SPM Course Pricing

This is a customized training program. Be it for companies or students. Hence, price of training varies. It depends upon the number of students in a class. Certainly, corporate level deals are available.


Course Links

Best courses on project management.


Software Project Management (SPM) Training Participants

ThinkFaculty conducts SPM training. We train companies and engineers. Following are our customers:

  • Government of Pakistan
  • Ad Maxim Company
  • Siemens
  • Wateen Engineers
  • Warid Engineers
  • Huawei Engineer

Also, developers enroll. It is about learning best practices. Objective is to certify in SPM. The skill allows you to deliver. Furthermore, you can improve efficiencies.


Software Project Management Training Courses in Pakistan

Offering SPM courses in Pakistan. Conducting SPM classes in Karachi. Also conducting SPM courses in Lahore. We conduct weekend, online and weekday training. Our program is highly recommended. Moreover, software houses use our training programs.

We conduct SPM workshops for software houses. Accordingly, facilitate growth. Always enable engineers to grasp best practices.

SPM Future

Future of SPM is growing. More applications coming to market. Furthermore, customers demanding applications. Development on Artificial Intelligence. More secure applications. Companies demanding new features. Tech industry going through change. Finally, software houses need to manage projects. Besides, poor project delivery is not an option.

New tools will come to the market. Therefore, software project managers to learn new trades.

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