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Project Managers work on projects. Project managers plan projects. Constructing skyscrapers is a project. Similarly, developing software applications is also a project. All projects are different. Managing projects remains same. In fact, it is a skill. You need to scope work. Execute activity. Monitor progress. And then close projects. In conclusion, project managers own projects.

What is a project manager course? A PMP project manager course develops skills. Also, course educates about processes. On the whole course focuses on tools. You need tools to monitor projects. In addition course uses the project management framework.

First time course in Pakistan. Project managers can improve their skills. It is not only about projects. Or project delivery. It is all about how project managers manage projects. The only option was the PMP certification. Finally a class focusing on skills. Not the framework. At the same time, learn how to become a better project manager.


Project Manager PMP Training Course Overview

Every project manager needs certified skills. Apparently, very few make it a reality. Reasons are many. Cost and time are reasons. However, the job demand skills. Skills necessary.

Project manager training enhances skills. Become an expert. Know how to manage projects. Manage teams. Specifically deliver results. Decrease risks. Empower people. Reduce costs. Improve efficiencies. Further improve communication.

Over 87% project managers are not certified. Industries require certified managers. Certified project managers have skills. Skills have a bottom line effect. In particular efficiencies improve.

Why perform project duties while not knowing the system? Waste of time and efforts. There is a science of projects. You need to plan. And plan specifically. You need to know the inputs. Understand the outputs. Measure and adopt. Then measure project. This is important.


Who Should Attend

  • All project managers
  • Project Management team executives
  • Project team managers

All team members to attend training. Training to build quality of delivery. It focuses on communication. With this is mind, we guarantee results.

Everyone in a team to attend. Finance members. Workers. Supply Chain. Engineers. Everyone plays their part.


Course Duration

The course is a 4 day course. We teach all core principles of project management.

All the course participants are project managers. Certified senior project manager teaches the course. Significantly, ThinkFaculty issues a project manager certificate. The trainer has worked on mega projects. He is an expert in scoping. Also specialist in people skills.


Professional Project Manager Training Methodology

Trainer uses role plays. Our trainer uses live examples. They help to develop skills. Discuss different case studies. Evaluate current dynamics. Further engage class in open dialogue. Establish new ways to solve issues. Practical exercises to use knowledge learnt.


Project Manager Course Details

PMP training programs are generic. In contrast, this course focuses on the skill set. Program builds managers into project management professionals.

Project managers do not have certifications. Project managers need training. Certified course is an excellent choice. We offer project manager course in different countries. Below are the details of the program.

This course focuses on enhancing the project manager. Educate yourself. Build value. Create ideas. Engage. Be practical. Learn the traits of world-class project managers. Therefore, build project teams. Create processes empowering you. Implement dashboards. Moreover, dashboards provide an accurate project view.


Project Manager Certification Benefits

Being a project manager is one side. Having skills is another. Project Manager certification is skill enhancement. Imagine improving project delivery by 15%. Decreasing risk by 20%. Proactive communication with teams. Save time.

Project managers see 35% efficiency increase. It is a skill that is practical. Improving all facets of the project.

They create value. Project manager certification builds on experience. Growing community of professionals.

Nevertheless, project manager course is an advanced degree. We recommend certification for professionals. Professionals who have worked in the field for minimum 2 years. This enables them to understand the curriculum. Not having time to learn the best practices? Enroll in the Online Project Management Certification Course.

Companies look for certified project managers. The demand increasing. Grow. Invest. Enhance. Job opportunities increase. In fact, expect salary increases.

Immediately you get better chances on larger projects. Or the scope increases. You can expand into different areas. Besides, start working on financial planning.

Salary improves. You get 30% increase. This is the standard. Enjoy the perks.


Project Manager Course Training Outline

  • PMP Framework of PMP preparation course
  • Project manager roles
  • Improve project delivery
  • Manage teams
  • Communication

These modules build project managers. Notice that only one topic is PMP. The rest is about skills. One class educates about roles. Roles need to be clear. You need to know who does what. Secondly, you need to know how to manage teams. Projects is delivery. Namely managing teams is an art.

Lastly, course helps improve communicating. You learn to communicate. Communicate with stakeholders. Talk to workers. Educate managers. Communicate verbally. Likewise communicate in writing.

Issues are real. Apparently, every day an issue arises. This is going to happen. Cost will go up. People do not come. Supply does not come on time.


Project Manager Responsibilities

Subsequently, responsibilities change. Project Manager activities overlap. Thus, they control the project. They understand the complexities. Close out projects in a cost-effective manner.

Project managers are change agents. The project manager drives team goals. Responsible of entire team delivery. In particular, they drive successful business results.

PMP manager works under pressure. Projects become complex. They are time-consuming. Projects become cost intensive. Projects cannot fall to pressure. Hence, project managers to have end goal in mind. Loosing sight is not option.

Managing people is a responsibility. For this purpose, project managers to create trust. They are responsible for team delivery. Teams deliver. You need to manage people from all walks of life. Projects have designers. Workers part of project. All of them are important. You need to manage them. In conclusion, manage the expectations.

Additionally, managers need to know project tools. Different tools exit. Tools for documents. And tools for people scheduling. Also tools for costing. Specific project tools also available. To summarize, tools are mandatory.

Lastly, project managers need to manage time. Need to develop budget skills. PMP managers get the job done effectively.

Project Manager is the main actor. He needs to direct. Entire project is his brain child. Above all, he has to make the decisions.

In summary course teaches responsibilities. Performing is easier when you know what is being expected.


Project Manager Course in Pakistan

Pakistan faces this issue. Many project managers without skills. Consequently, they lack communication. Do not know how to time manage. Limited exposure to costing. And projects get delayed. Due to lack of expertise. People do not become experts. Just because of experience. Our trainers visit industries. In addition, evaluate issues. Create a specific training program.

Over 10 years helping projects. Working with professionals to be better. Assisting them in scoping projects. Thus, helping them to monitor projects.

Working on a project in Pakistan? Facing issues with cost? Need to control resources? Cannot close the projects? Time an issue? This is reality. You need a solution.

Our training works. We have stories to tell. Project managers improve through training. They get to know standards. Eventually, they get new ideas.

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