Information Technology Project Management Training Course in Pakistan

The only premium certification in IT Project management in Pakistan. Information Technology Project Management (ITPM) Training Course is about managing IT projects. Ultimately, IT projects can be massive. Large scale software development is a project. Also, upgrades at different locations is a project. Roll-out of new IT tools to international clients is a project. In essence, all of these are projects. You have a start and end. Obviously, there are stakeholders. Scope needs locking. All in all, understanding scope is important. This certification for IT Project managers covers all the details.

IT projects have many team members. Presently, developers make code. Testers test code. Production validates bugs. Altogether, customers evaluate new features. All of these requires a project delivery mindset. Definitely, team alignment mandatory.

Without knowing how to manage projects, issues arises. In the long run, IT project managers wrongly calculate cost. Teams are not aligned. Effort duplicates. Correspondingly, software does not meet expectations. Not to mention expectations are not managed. All in all, realities of poor project management. Hence, the need for managing projects.

Anyone running IT projects needs direction. Managing a project is a skill. Learn it. Connect with experts. Accordingly, learn how to manage IT projects effectively.

Not all PMP trainers can teach IT project delivery. It is a skill. Trainers need to know about IT. How to deliver IT projects. For this reason, only IT project managers can teach this course.

Must be remembered that without IT project skills, projects get hampered. Surprisingly, IT projects with ITPM skills survive. ITPM projects complete successfully.


IT Project Management Certification Course Overview

The IT Project Management course is offered in English and Urdue. The course teaches project management for IT projects. It provides IT project framework. Course teaches you how to professionally manager IT projects. Learn how to manage teams. Start projects with right frameworks. Create processes to mitigate risks.

Course makes you an expert in managing IT projects. Certify yourself in IT projects. Learn better ways to develop software. Implement IT designs. Are you in software development industry? In that case, we recommend enrolling in a premium software project management training course.

ITPM Training is gaining speed. IT companies want more IT project managers. IT project managers are value. Decrease 35% time in project delivery. In summary, improve satisfaction by over 12%.

Build your level of excellence. On the whole, use the project management IT platform.

Information Technology Project Management Certification in Pakistan is a recognition. Plan and develop releases of IT services. Manage IT solutions. Build error free IT software. Learn software project planning tools. ITPM is best project framework.


Who Should Attend

  • Senior IT professionals
  • IT consultants
  • Developers
  • Technical teams

We recommend all team members to enroll. Course not only for IT project managers. IT teams need to get ITPM knowledge. Even non IT staff to enroll. All stakeholders need to know about ITPM framework. ITPM is about people. People knowing the framework is detrimental.


Course Duration

Course is a 4 all day training course. We offer courses on weekends. Also, classes on week-nights.


Course Outcomes

Upon completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Get started with project management education courses for IT environments.
  • Identify organizational requirements.
  • Work with IT project management processes.
  • Initiate an IT project.
  • Plan an IT project.
  • Schedule IT project time management.
  • Create IT project budget.
  • Plan for IT risk.
  • Execute an IT project ensuring all the core goals and objectives are met.
  • Manage IT scope.
  • Control project.
  • Close IT project.
  • Data Gathering of all Requirements.
  • Integrate modules into a design document.

All outcomes are dependent upon the goals. As a result, each IT segment differs. In other words, the scenarios predict the outcomes. You are working in a software house? Then timely delivery might be the outcome. Are you part of a roll-out team? Therefore, cost-effective roll-out might be the goal.


Information Technology Project Management Course Content

Below are the main modules under IT Project Management:

  • Introduction to IT Project Management and Delivery
  • Project Management Framework
  • Integration Management
  • Scope Management
  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Communication Management
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Stakeholder Management

Above are the main modules. However, companies can choose specific courses. Many of times we focus on particular modules. Depends on the requirements. In that case, each modules focuses on certain gaps.


IT Project Management Workshops

We also provide workshops on ITPM. The agenda is different. We focus on project goals. Companies hire us to start a project. In effect, we get teams updated on best practices. Also, we engage during project implementation. Advise project managers on best practices. We assist in building value. Ensure time, cost, and effort is measured. Finally, we ensure project closes with desired goals.

Objective of the workshop is to make projects successful. We do that with enhancing skills. Updating processes. It works. We have a record of conducting workshops. Companies gain key insights. The IT projects get the framework. We work together and create IT project plan. Then we educate how to manage teams. Assist in monitoring IT projects. After all, companies need to develop project mindset.


Project Management IT Training Classes

Offering project management IT Training classes in major cities of Pakistan. We provide Project Management IT classes in Lahore. Frequently we conduct classes in Karachi. Each quarter, we conduct classes in Islamabad. Moreover, the majority of our classes take place in IT companies. IT companies get clarity on projects. They are able to create proper projects. Planning phase improves. Consequently, implementation improves.

However, we do conduct individual classes. Individual registration takes place. Different students enroll and pass our ITPM course.


Information Technology Project Management Class Price

ITPM Class price varies. It depends upon the students. And the type of class modules.

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