Family Health Tips

Important Health Information for Kids, Women and Men

Are we really doing enough? The health education programs in Pakistan are deplorable. Family Health Tips are the only way to go. We talk about vaccine for polio and other standard illnesses, however, we do not consider the pain and anguish associated with the entire system at large.

The health education needs to dramatically change. It needs to engage, evolve and sustain. In Pakistan, we need to get involved in taking care of health – our health, children health and family health. There is no substitute to health, and we need to be very privy to that and take care of the things that affect and can cause disastrous results. Take care of your health and be wise to share it with family and friends. Can you imagine not walking or breathing correctly? Never take life for granted.



Women’s Health

Our women face a real major issue in terms of taking care of their health. Think about the lives they live. Sedentary lifestyles causes many heart burns, diseases, and even cancer.

The food that women intake and then cook are not hygienic and also frustrates the overall process of health. Interestingly, it is the same food that goes and develops into a child.

Reproductive health is also a segment that woman’s health systems need to explore. Reproductive health develops through quality engagement and proper intake. Mothers need to be really careful in the intake of food. Health care of mothers is critical for the entire environment.


Men’s Health

Health of men in Pakistan is also very alarming. High tension jobs and the related social and environmental factors causes a severe delay in abilities and physical attributes. Men tend to die earlier and die of basic lack of health care ingredients. Walking and basic power training is a must.

Also, with the overall eating habits in this part of the world and lack of exercise in the daily frame-work has really played havoc with the health conditions of men. Another additional issue is the way we tend to act in situations – anger management, stress management and how we perceive the variance in financial positioning.

The average life expectancy has not increased what so ever, in fact, it has gone worse. It is up to the overall health care providers to reinforce the good activities of personal hygiene, family values and exercise routines.


Children’s Health

Children Health is the most important. Taking care of the next generation makes it all worth the while. Without a fresh and nurtured child health programs, the future seems to be bleak.

Lack of health care services and poor health conditions has really given a bad impact on the overall health of the community. In fact, even in many of the core educational institutes, health care services are non-existent. Students need to be taught about health. They need to know how to clean and be responsible for their own health.
Take time to first check your health. Get a check up and see where you are today. Remain steadfast that your health is going to be a core element of your life. We recommend visiting Shaukat Khanum  Collection Center 5-A Queens Road and get your tests performed by experts. Or call them at 042-36373449.

Family Health Tips

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