Obesity in Pakistan effecting Corporate Governance

It is alarming to see the total number of fat people roaming in Pakistan. Obesity in Pakistan is now at alarming levels. Is it not a weird site to see? I have seen these sites while living abroad but now see it as a normal incident. That is scary and sad. In fact, this condition alone can change the very dynamics of our culture and the professional career paths of people. The question is how is Obesity even closely linked with corporate Pakistan?

The answer is simple. The more fat a person has, the lesser the energy drives, passion and commitment levels. However, the obesity and fatness need not be in the person directly. Can be in children, families or the spouse. Public Health is not a norm now. Specially with the poor healthcare facilities in Pakistan it is even more crucial to be caring of your health and others that you care about.

But the question remains. How is Obesity effecting the corporate leadership and corporate governance in Pakistan? With this high influx would home remedy health care solutions even work?



The dimensions of food spending has changed. McDonald’s, Hardies and other fast food restaurants have been booming at alarming rates and giving to the market the same number of issues and health care problems. More and more money is now being spent on the wrong food supplies. This in effect hurts the economy and the overall conditions we live in. Think about it. If we have 500 rupees and now we spend more on junk food, that is a waste of money. At the end, these products harm more.


Medical Bills 

Medical bills start adding up. Think about it. All the junk food without proper diet and health care is going to take its toll. There is no other means to good living except having a strong and healthy lifestyle.


Our Recommendation

Our recommendation is to have your health properly examined. In fact, people who are above the age of 40 need to have an annual checkup. There is no other substitute to good health. Never ever compromise your health. Good health is a blessing.

We recommend even visiting centers that provide and care for your well-being. Shaukat Khanum Collection Center at 5-A Queens Road also provides health care facility and blood sampling at home.


Obesity in Pakistan effecting Corporate Governance
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