Health Tips for Kids

5 Healthy Food for Kids – Recommended by nutritionist

The children of Pakistan are the assets for the future. The health of every single Pakistani child is the responsibility and concern of every citizen of Pakistan. There are no two questions about this. Specifically, when we live in an atmosphere of garbage, pollution, dust and poor health conditions. Majority of the time, the mothers are also facing issues during birth. Poor intake of food and lack of healthcare resources are causing a variety of different illnesses and health related problems in the society.

In many ways, the underlining issue of health is going to take a long time to get a proper solution in place. In the interim, people of society to get themselves regularly checked. The best thing that one can do in Pakistan is to have a preventive mindset. Let me give you an example. Hepatitis C is a very common issue in this country Pakistan. Whenever you feel that you have some of the symptoms of hepatitis C, test your blood.

Most important during the coronavirus epidemic.


Fruits as Nutrition

Lack of fruits and lack of vaccinations during the required time frames cause further havoc. That is why all healthcare practitioners highly recommend that you have your children checked. The best practice is to have your children diagnosed for variety of different illnesses if you have never done so before. Think about it. All day long children are prone to viruses and poor health conditions. Lack of proper diet, food, fruits, and meet can readily take its toll on children.

Doctors recommend getting your children checked periodically. Let’s not wait for the symptoms to take one course. In fact, the Shaukat Khanum Collection Center, 5-A Queens Road, lahore is open 24 hours and provides a comprehensive test service portfolio for all health care needs. We recommend that you visit the center or call the center and have someone come and pick up the test samples.

Health of our kids are important. Be good citizens and provide the care that is needed – preventive healthcare for our children. This is an important health tip.

Kids are the future of any nation. Let us embrace them with love, compassion and understanding. Here are other health tips to prevent diseases in children:

  • Frequent washing of hands. Tell children to wash the hands very frequently specially if playing outside.
  • Be clean and tidy. Always ensure that the clothes, shoes, socks and specially underwear is clean and tidy.
  • Sleep early. Sleeping early and waking up early does wonders
  • Be careful of any issues in health earlier on. Many children keep on waiting for things to worsen. That is not the best model.


Good health is the responsibility of parents, teachers and even society. Cleaning up the city and making sure that the city is clean and the parks are manicured is the responsibility of everyone. Take good health into your hands also has a better impact on society as a whole. For any health related tips visit Shaukat Khanum Collection Center.

Health Tips for Kids

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