Customer Experience Management Value via Twitter

Customer Experience Management is part of the entire customer life cycle life solution. Twitter drives Customer Experience Management. Customer Experience Management is all about a precise, accurate and focused approach to customer service and customer project delivery. Twitter does a great job in fine-tuning the value add. And provides a defined path to explore new opportunities and value propositions. Twitter multiples customer experience. Customer Experiment Management with Twitter application is a specific customer service skill. The customer service skill is to define and optimize the way businesses serve customers online.

One of the best ways of engaging, motivating and signifying the importance of customer engagement is through proper customer service job training of your team and individuals. What is customer care service? The solution and answer revolves around customer experience management.


Customer Experience Management in Pakistan

Customer Experience Management is in infancy. It goes through various twists and turns. Broken Windows. Yes that is correct. Broken windows. That is the fault with the customer service industry in Pakistan. Too many hypothetical images of support, trust and post sales activities. However, nothing comes to light. We have seen this time and time again. Companies in Pakistan keep on communicating that they are in sync with the customer base. However, there is more that is missing. Business consulting groups are solely responsible for the delivery and quality measurements of customer experience management.

Our organization is in business of leading customer services. We keep focusing on people and processes. However, we need to also consider the wonderful benefits of technology. Technology benefits companies and organizations around the world. Before any organization can use Twitter or any other medium to service the customers, developing customer centricity mindsets is key. Without developing a customer centric mind-set, you will never be able to allow technology to pave way to new frontiers. Training and development classes are available to impart such quality skills.

Managing customers is mandatory. Use technology to make it happen. Social media is a great place. Customers use social media for grievance. Also they use it for happy emotions. If they are there, then you need to be there too. Make sure you are up to speed. Connect directly with customers.


Twitter Technology Benefits in Pakistan Customer Care

Pakistan needs to take advantage of the technology wave. Companies like Nestle, Wateen and other conglomerates need to start using Twitter as a mechanism for customer services. Customer Care transcends into the virtual and media world of communication. In fact, exceptional customer care is defined as a service offering a variety of channels of engagement. Use Twitter for the following services:

  • Ticket Creation
  • Ticket Closure
  • Customer Service


The blue prints are there. Hundreds of different companies all over the world are using Twitter profiles to connect and integrate customer service. Twitter is now an extension of your service offering. No more contact center and business center focus. Go social. Be viral. Enjoy the ingredients of being active and proactive.

Companies do not gear up to establish technology as a winning niche. That is why we are devoting certain training classes regarding social media customer service. Use the technology will create a certain value proposition. You are reaching out to your customers. You care and that is what matters. In fact, millions of people use services of other companies to be online. So, even if your phone services or internet is not stable or SMS features, use Twitter to come online and communicate the new platforms or unique value propositions. Again, remember it is all about engagement and customer experience management. Only customer experience management will drive the success of your organization.
There are customers in Pakistan penetrating into the social media platform and creating a value addition. In fact, the costs are substantially lower as compared to marketing through older means. Customers are all online so give them the access to your systems, updates and progresses. If they have bought from you, they would want to be connected. This is a known fact.

Social media extends service. You can engage with customers through social media. Twitter has game. Connect with customers. Create campaigns. Dig deep. Create online support. Imagine using Twitter to enhance service. Many customers use Twitter to create value. The Best part is that it is free.


Twitter Benefits

Twitter provides several key benefits for customer experience. Here are the main benefits:

  • Twitter message has word limit. Hence, customers need to be specific. Likewise, you can also be specific. Specific messages give clarity.
  • Immediate response. You can immediately know what causing grieve. And you can take steps instantaneously.
  • Competition analysis. Evaluate your competitors. And see how their customers use their services.
  • Data Analytics. Analyze trends. See what is trending. Decipher what are the hot topics.
  • Update customers immediately.

Several case studies exist. These case studies identify ways of improving service through Twitter. You can also update customers immediately. If you have a deal you can use Twitter and update. If you have downtime update the customers. Twitter is amazing in terms of response. You get trends and inputs from keywords.

Customer Experience Management Value via Twitter

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