Customer Centric Experience in Pakistan

Customer Centricity is king. There is no other substitute to customer service excellence. Customer Centricity is all about life cycle management, customer focus and customer commitment. All definitions talk about its impact. However, it spans a deeper model.

In our experience, customer centricity is about proactive engagement. Meeting and exceeding needs and demands of customers. Consequently, customer satisfaction develops over time. It is revolutionary. First of all, customer centricity is a vision. It builds from a mindset.

Only companies breathing customer service survive. It is a natural binding. You cannot run companies on other substances. Customers remain first. They to be valued at every interaction.

How do you service customers? Call Centers and service centers are the first line of service. Furthermore, Make sure these teams are well equipped.


Customer Service Market

The call center economy of Pakistan is volatile. The job market is in a major decline. In Fact, thousands of people lose their jobs.  Manufacturers shutting down their units. Reselling and distribution reaching a phenomenal low. Unfortunately, people of this land believe in employment rather than self-governance.

International call center campaigns from Pakistan save the day. Furthermore, revenues pour in. More jobs create.

With such a very unstable state of affairs, companies as well as private organizations are asking a very simple question. How to increase revenues in such difficult times? There are some very interesting and unique propositions out of the market today. Majority of local businessmen are selling from Pakistan And exporting their families and commodities to the European and Canadian markets. Finally, this is a part of the immigration model.

The market remains open for customer experience. You open doors through service. Imagine being creative. Sell your delivery. Make it amazing. Create a brand. Show the world a new level of service. Create havoc. Make a difference. Look at Apple. Or evaluate Rolex. These are brand names. Companies whose service is more than product. Similarly, customer service market can be developed. People and culture is the root cause. Create a culture of existence. Consequently, make it into a reality.


Taking Care of Customers

Another model is placing money into banks. Enjoy the return on investment. Completely wrong solutions. Diversification or closure is no means to ensure productivity and long-term solutions. Corporations create lean operational models. In the essence of developing lean operations or closing operational units, leaders forget the key ingredients to potential revenue. Call center infrastructure goes a long way.

Taking care of your customers in times of despair is really what corporations should be driving towards. With unknown variables and unstable environments, taking care of customers that can completely collapse is even more of a critical objective. Historically, corporations do sustain in unfavorable economic conditions. Similarly, companies put their sole efforts into creating value to their customer base. Enhancing the customer service experience in difficult times is certainly the best measurement of success in the long run.

Customers not taken care of simply go. There is no other option. Take care of customers. If not, they leave. And the sad part is that they do not come back. Reality is if you do not take care of them. Probably, other people will. Not only do they go they never come back. And tell others never to reach you. Why not serve them and create value. As a result, value creation is through service.


Customer Focus

The real ingredient to any success story is customer focus. It is ultimate solution to all the above stated scenarios and complex issues. Taking care of customers that are price sensitive is important. Furthermore, customers have choices. Let’s take the example of the telecom sector alone. Customer chooses from a variety of different service providers. Uphone, Telenor, Warid and even PTCL are all working hard to win the customer. But the question really is what company is customer focused? Are these customers having customer centric strategies? Are they measuring and enhancing the overall life cycle of the customer or not? Is churn a threat? Training for customer service is the solution.

The real judge at the end of the day is the customer. In fact, the only way to measure customer service excellence is the customer.  Are you adding value to the customer? Almost companies around the world create specific customer service excellence. The how matters!

Customer focus is about delivery and value. It shows in the smiles. It resonates in the feedback. Focus is about serving. Let us share an example. Our client is a glasses maker. They make glasses for people. All people come to buy and get glasses. For the returning customer they always give a different case. The case says ” Refer us if you like us”. First of all, make it works.

People love to refer if the focus about them. Many of the companies add focus as an action. Some add it as a key ingredient. Many obey it like a religion. In all these values, it is reality that brings sanity. Create a culture of delivery. Make it happen with excitement and zeal. Hence, create a value for delivery. Be passionate. Create resonance.


Customer Loyalty

 Customer Loyalty – this is an oxymoron. It is defined as being in sync with the requirements. And keeping focused on the customer engagement model. Be close to the needs of customers. Bring forth ideas and services that improve the customer experience.  Customer loyalty becomes an outcome.

Customer Centrictity is a mindset that is universal. But it can be built and can be ever lasting. One of the main ways of keeping a perspective that is strong and justifying is to train the entire community and company on customer service values. And this comes from repetitive training. Click here for the best customer service training.

Customer loyalty is an outcome. Clothing brands and medical companies need loyalty. Even balloon companies need loyal customers. More loyal customers is better. That is the best company. Hence, having those customers is a dream for companies. Having loyal customers is a blessing.

As a result, loyalty is the only bench mark of excellence. It comes through the customer centric approach.


Customer Centric Mind-Set

Customer Centric Mind-set drives excellence. Companies breath this. Above all, it creates long term value. Sustainable mind-sets is a culture. People in organizations drive extra ordinary value. You need to have the strategy. Strategy matters. Therefore, building strategy around customers is the ultimate solution.

In the last 10 years, companies are evolving into a customer company. Policies, procedures and systems revolve around customer satisfaction. The first step is understanding the importance of customer centricity. Once this is agreeable then you work on strategy. Teams need to see the same vision. As a result, always hiring people with similar vision is good. Having different vision is bad.

Skills being different is fine. Vision sharing is key. Second step is building the customer centric approach. Where do you begin? Is it people, culture or process to start from? Similarly, you need to see the outcome. What is the outcome? Customer satisfaction or Net Promoter Score. Know the value and the outcome.

Customer Centric Experience in Pakistan

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