SEO Case Study KKT Pakistan

SEO Case Study KKT

KKT Hospital is a Canadian Orthopedic Hospital that is now doing booming business due to the ThinkFaculty SEO empowerment. In the last 6 months, they have opened 5 new offices and are working on improving and expansions.

ThinkFaculty is proud to have been their gold partners. Business conception till business closure has been the forte of ThinkFaculty.

Here are the core strategies that were implemented:

  • Increase their social media presence and boost the likes, engagements and connectivity.
  • Create their website and drive traffic to their site organically.
  • Use a decent budget to drive traffic to their site through paid advertising.

The main benefit that KKT has is its staff and the number of people who visit it. With that kind of influx, it is easier to create volumes of engagement.

SEO Case Study KKT Pakistan

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