What is good Customer Care?

Customer Care! Customer Care is what you learn from a broken faucet. How do you really calculate and evaluate good customer care? What is really good customer care? We have been in the business of customer care training for over a decade. We keep on teaching hundreds and thousands of individuals, organizations, and large organizations about best practices. However, there’s so many things that you can learn by looking at the things around you. Let’s take the example of a broken faucet. Yes, a broken faucet. At this stage, you must be thinking that I’m going crazy. That is certainly not the case.poor-customer-service

Think about it. What really is a broken faucet. It is a tool that keeps on giving water. Drop by drop. Each drop sooner or later becomes seepage. We have seen entire buildings and even homes become eradicated by simple drops of water dipping away over a gradual period of time. This is also called Water Decay. You can see this in the ocean beds as well as on the sea-side buildings. This is something that we do preach and teach as a tier one customer service training consultancy firm.

Just give water droplets time and a bit of pathway and you will see first hand catastrophic impact. That is the reality of water droplets from a broken faucet. But the question really is, how does that apply to customer care. The answer lies in the impact that water droplets do. Our research has shown that companies and organizations all across the world that have had consistent gaps in customer execution have eventually fallen prey. A small gap in customer execution will pay way for disastrous results. And the problem here is that the gaps can be people or process driven.

People driven gaps are more scary. Why? These water droplets are not only continuous but also impulsively common place in multiple faucets. Again, think about it. One faucet is bad enough. What about 300 faucets all across the world. Now, that is an ocean of dirty water. Recently, we were doing the customer care project for a large outlet in middle east and the large issue was the people who were driving customer excellence. The mindset was not there and hence the alarming number of turn overs and poor customer satisfaction ratings.

If you want to change your organization dynamics or want a better understanding of how to improve the daily issues, contact us and see how we can create that difference! We are customer care training and development leaders in Pakistan.

In fact, we are really excited about the ripple that we are creating. Recently, we were training the number 1 education institute on best customer care practices. The engagement level was massive. The objective was to monitor and check the overall customer care experience of parents at the schools. A team of mystery shoppers went to different areas and monitored the experience. Variance was concluded and communicated to management. The entire staff was invited and the results shown.

Objective of any customer care experience is to enhance the overall customer care skill-set. That is the need of the day. People all over the world also deserve the quality and standards of other nations. And all of this begins with an attitude and a smile. Yet, the journey is long and tedious.


What is good Customer Care?

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