Study in Australia from Pakistan

Happy Pakistani studying in Australia

I want to share with you my story. It is really a fascinating story of a dream come true. All my life I wanted to go to Australia for higher education. In fact, I have family in Australia that often visits Pakistan. And when the here, they talk about amazing episodes and quality of life in Australia. This gave me a dream to also apply for foreign education Australia. Australia student visa was my goal and ambition. Study in Australia from Pakistan can be the unique experience of every Pakistani student!

The entire process was excruciatingly painful. There were so many different colleges and universities in Australia. Also, the paperwork was extremely long and tedious. I was never sure if I had the correct paperwork completed or not. Unfortunately, in the beginning I got many rejection letters from top-notch universities from Australia. I was simply heartbroken. Many my friends had already reached Australia and I had wasted ample time in trying to set forth a strategy to get to Australia as a student. Study in Australia from Pakistan was now no more of a dream but a nightmare. I wasn’t there.


Personal Story of how I finally got to Australia even when I was initially rejected for a student visa!

I was searching online for pleading my case for rejection. And that is how I came and found out about thinkfaculty. One of the amazing parts was that majority of the experts at the company were foreign qualified. They were able to not only assist me in selection of the colleges and universities but also pleaded my case. And the best part was, I was able to get my visa application accepted. I had a variety of different issues that the experts were able to assist with. Currently I’m writing this from Australia. The company didn’t even charge me a single money that I got the visa renewal. I really think that these guys make dreams come true! Study in Australia from Pakistan can happen and should happen for people interested in living a worthwhile dream in Australia.

The true and real essence is empowering leaders. This begins within yourself and then you exude this to other energy levels. You need to trust your ability and then work forward. Try the online training programs and see if it works for you. This is really the key aspect.

I also met other students at the center that had to work on certain certifications prior to moving to Australia. Since many of my team leads there in Australia recommended me to work on my English Skills and then my leadership skills, I chose the business leadership training programs. It worked out extensively well. In fact, I realized that the curriculum was the same and I got access to sound coaching and mentors along the way.

Study in Australia from Pakistan

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