How to Prepare for an Article Writing Job?

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Article Writing and online content management is an up and coming market. Article Writing Job Market is a new and upcoming market segmentation. Specially in Asia you will find more and more fresh graduates moving to this field of study and profession. However, there are some very talented individuals who never really get the mark and cannot land the best article writing jobs. This article is dedicated to those individuals who are wanting to move forward but lack some skills that are not providing them with the success that they need. Article Writing Job desire and now achievement is now at your finger tips!


Do note that some of the best seo marketing companies pay premium dollar for quality article writers. Hence, there is a career but only for the best. And that best can certainly be you as well.


Why do graduates fail the Article Writing Interview?

This is the first question that will give us the balance sheet and provide the outcomes required to make a successful shift. There are multiple reasons why fresh graduates fail article writing interviews. Here is the top 3 reasons:

  • Lack of preparation for interview
  • Poor Article Writing samples
  • Lack of presentation skills

Lets focus on these three points and see how to win the interview!

Content Management Skill set is a different ball game. Article Writing Interviews are drastically different from a typical interview. Here the mannerism and objectives are drastically different. Companies are looking for creative individuals with the sense and knowledge to make things happen. Hence you need to know the mind-set of the people with the job opening. You need to sell creativity and writing skills.

Another big issue that we have seen when we hire content writers is that they do not have sound article writing samples with them. Either the articles are poorly written or do not have the flavor and color required. This can be a real big issue in terms of making it a closing deal. Remember that you need to bring your best articles for the interview. Realize now that most of these article writing jobs is now part of the big on page importance criteria that the web masters are  trying to focus on. With the advent of online market revenues, more and more of the site owners want to drive traffic through online content management.

Thirdly if you are a writer you need to have a strong communication power and persona. This is the only ingredient that can easily tell if you have the ability to write and write persuasive articles. With a good mind you can write many verdicts and stories. Writing is another art form of creativity.


3 Most Important and Essential Tips for Article Writing Job

Now comes the main juice! What are the failure reasons? We are going to work out how to improve these gaps.

Here are 3 most important and essential tips to get the article writing job that you have been actively pursuing.

  • Find top ten writers in your field of writing and read their works. In fact, even in our case, we do make sure that we try to see if these leading experts are on social media sites or not. If they are that is the best. In fact many of these writers are already working with classy and top rated social media companies and work out from their offices. Everyone appreciates a good statement. So, if they are online then connect with them and applaud their work.
  • Secondly, make sure you are consistently working on learning about improving written communication skills.
  • Thirdly, keep trying and focus on developing your skill set for multiple writing segments.

If there are other great tips out there please do facilitate and share with us! Love to hear them!

How to Prepare for an Article Writing Job?

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  1. Very well written and informative article. It is truly discussing the key factors involved in the failure of graduates in article writing interview. The best part of this article is the tips given in the end for improving writing skills.
    Good Job!

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