Scope of History in Pakistan

History is a very important subject. It is taught in almost all levels in schools and colleges in Pakistan. The scope of History in Pakistan is growing. Historians are always needed. History scope expands in many careers. You can apply to many kinds of jobs.

Becoming a historian or working with companies in historical research is a great career path after 12th grade in Pakistan. Pursuing a degree in History is one of the top fields after FA in Pakistan.


Scope of History in Pakistan after Graduation

History is a common subject. Majority of students pursue this degree. It has extensive benefits. Mainly, you can enroll in a bachelors program in history from any public or private university or college in Pakistan. The Scope of History in Pakistan after graduation is way better than other subjects. Why? Because History allows you to get generic skills, and you are eligible for many jobs and opportunities.

History is also be study of cultures and languages. You get to learn about different civilizations and how they lived. This kind of knowledge is very valuable in terms of understanding of human existence. History provides an extensive amount of lessons. These lessons can be applied to life in general.

In fact, many of the most talented musicians, politicians, and businessmen were history majors. The duty of history is that it provides extensive knowledge about religion, social movements, institutes, dynasties, Wars and civilizations.

Historians are very important to understand cultures and the meaning of existence.


Scope of MA History in Pakistan

One should always progress with education. A masters level is an advanced degree.

There is a unique difference between undergraduate degrees and master’s degrees in history. Basically, an undergraduate or master’s degree in history introduces you to the world of history. You get to learn about different cultures and civilizations. You get to learn about how and why history so important to mankind.

However, a master’s degree in history is drastically different. You get to learn about specific eras focus on different disciplines. For example, you can do a masters in history that specializes in Western thought. You can also do a masters in history that focuses on medieval history.

Typically, students that want to pursue a career as a historian typically go for a masters program.


BS History Scope in Pakistan

A degree in history preparers graduates for a multitude of careers. Historians are typically good writers. You have to be a good writer to tell stories. And good writers are extensively required in the market. You need writers to write about historical events, cultures and lifestyles. The world is full of libraries and data. The literary world is full of his history books.

Political parties hired historians. Historians are used to create the ripple effect. Historians can evaluate the data and provide key insights to how political systems work. They have the extensive knowledge of how situations played out. They bring an extensive segmentation of knowledge to the current events. What do business consultants do? They build economies of scale. This only happens when you have key insight and perspective.

What do historian’s typically do? The following are the core areas of expertise:

Research and development. They gather historical data from different sources, books, online material and word-of-mouth.

  • Analyze and interpret data to determine authenticity and importance
  • categorically traced historical developments for a particular time and place or event
  • create historical documentation
  • developed programs to educate the masses regarding history
  • provide advice and consultancy on road related issues
  • Right historical monologues and perspectives

The majority of students that successfully graduate with a degree in history also wish to civil services examination. They are a comprehensive understanding of Islamic law, American history, world politics and Pakistan studies. This benefits them in preparing multiple subjects.


History Jobs In Pakistan

The following are the main careers in History in Pakistan:

  • Become a teacher. You can teach history to all classes in Pakistan. Hence, you can apply to become a school teacher.
  • Become a professor. You can start working on your masters program and later on PhD. There is a high demand for professors majoring in History.
  • Historian. You can work in different universities and government offices as a historian.
  • Librarian
  • Copywriter – Top social media companies in Pakistan hire exceptional copywriters. Get connected and join the career path as a copywriter.
  • Political Advisor
  • Anthropologist – with a degree in history you can become an anthropologist. Anthropologist is a professional that studies Society and culture is. The extensively evaluated cultures, languages and different artifacts related to people and civilizations.
  • Curators – historians can also become curators
  • Museum Workers – another great place for historians to find a job is at the museum. Museums are always looking for diverse historians to assist them in public awareness.
  • Historical economist – these are historians that focus on the economy of cultures and civilizations
  • Editors of leading magazines- as a history major you develop writing skills. This is a great skill to learn. Magazines hired historians as editors.
  • Political scientists – the most important job that historians state is that of political scientists. Political scientists study the origin, development of political systems. They focus on research and development. Evaluate political ideas and analyze governments. It already understands policies and its implementation. The analysis of political crimes and document their analysis.
  • Sociologists – sociologists are professionals that study society. They examined groups and cultures. They also evaluate organizations and social institutes. Furthermore, they are responsible for providing us extensive research on individuals and cultures. Historians can let all develop the skills and become sociologists
  • Writers and authors – some of the best writers and authors in the world are historians. They use their extensive knowledge of history and captivate audiences by providing their own version of historical events. High quality content writers in Lahore are in demand. Same for other cities. History graduates are great content writers.


History salaries in Pakistan

Majority of the students that personal bachelors degree take-up history as a major. The average salary of a fresh graduate and start from Rs. 35,002 Rs. 50,000 per month. Whereas if you have a master’s degree, the salary can start from Rs. 50,00 to Rs. 70,000 per month.

Scope of History in Pakistan

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