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Ahmed Sheikh – Top PMP Trainer in Pakistan

Ahmed Sheikh is a certified PMP trainer. He has over 20 years of experience leading projects. Taught over 1200 students. Even more, he is one of our best PMP trainers. He is part of our business consultancy group. Learn about what do management consultants do. They build skills and improve business revenues.

He holds an engineering degree from the USA. Work experience in Fortune 50 companies in Canada and USA. Extensive experience in project delivery. Expertise in project strategy. Years of experience in project delivery. Certified in project closures. Ability to lead teams in projects.

  • Diverse experience. Consultancy and project delivery.
  • Conduct nationwide customer service training seminars.
  • Core expertise in planning and development of projects.
  • Nationwide roll-out of services.
  • Formulating and monitoring Service Engineering Teams.
  • Implementing Network Monitoring Centers.
  • Account Level Corporate Management.
  • Project planning and delivery.
  • Conduct corporate soft skills training to leading companies in Asia.


Core Achievements of Trainer

  • Provide project service consultancy.
  • Add functional efficiencies.
  • Formulate strategies. Build sustainable relationship with customers.
  • Manage customer research activities.
  • Build and implement call center campaigns for BPO market.
  • Evaluate customer key deliverables. Improve customer service levels by 45%.
  • Meet customer service financial objectives. Preparing annual budget. Scheduling expenditures. Analyzing variances. Initiating corrective actions.
  • Received PMP Trainers in Pakistan Awards.
  • Manage end-to-end relationship with Clients and Vendors.
  • Work with cross-functional teams. Timely completion of product enhancements, projects, and client implementations.
  • Build, develop, motivate and engage team members. Therefore, enhance team performance by 46%.
  • Work with stakeholders. Ensure client needs, service level agreements and deadlines are met.
  • Revenue generation is another field of expertise. We are one of the top content writing companies in Pakistan. We offer quality content and create content for blogs.

These core skills are necessary for any project manager. There are also specialized project manager certification classes. Hence, learn these traits. This experience comes with the course. We provide examples that make learning easy. PMP is a skill. Hence, learning how to implement best practices is key. We teach the art of being a great project manager. Educate you on the risk side. And also discuss the cost side. Also discuss the people issue.


Why Professionals choose ThinkFaculty as PMP Training Partners in Pakistan?

 A certification in project management is serious business. You in the market for PMP trainers? What should you look for? How do you know if a company is really the best? What is way to measure PMP trainers?

These are important questions. Proper evaluation is a must. Specially before selecting your training partner. PMP is a one time effort. Trainers need to have experience. Certainly, they need to be experts. Objective is for them to educate. PMP trainers in Pakistan are building value.

ThinkFaculty stands out. Why? Because we trained 1200 professionals. And doing it each day. Professionals learn from us. People build skills through us. Our trainers go through the entire PMP exam prep book. Ensuring all modules are understood.

Our case studies also assist. We are building case studies for project managers. Also, these case studies provide details of project life cycles. We also do process exercises. In class, we conduct complete life cycle approach. We start with project creation. During this setting, we discuss planning.

Once the project passes concept phase, we work on project delivery.

Additionally, we have live videos. You can use them for reference.

Lastly, value for price. We are not the most expensive. But we are the most valued. We believe in giving best training at competitive pricing. We also have a refund policy. If you think we did not deliver, complete refund. Our objective is value. As a result, value needs to resonate.

We conduct workshops. Also conduct PMP certification classes in Lahore.


Training Methodology

Training is an art. Specially training project skills. It is not content only. Trainers need expertise. Experience provides quality engagement. Professionals come for training. They have experience. Hence, objective is to learn new skill. Project training is syncing experience with skill. Our training works on role plays. Extensive exercises. Team building activities.

Our training is different. PMP trainers in Pakistan are world-class certified trainers. We have specialized training curriculum. It helps in understanding concepts. Then we have exercises to ensure students understand. We do not let go after classes. Students can connect. We are readily available. It is a mutual project. We want you to win. Finally, use us.

Remember top PMP trainers create project managers. Transfer of knowledge. Enhancing skills. Creating leaders. Therefore, enabling professionals.

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