Software Project Management

Software Project Management (SPM) is a subset of the project management module. It is the art and science of planning, monitoring and executing software projects.

SPM is a standard and best practices in the IT software development framework. Therefore, delivery of timely projects require applications, procedures and documentation.

Calculating steps, modules and phases close out in a synchronized way in software project management. Companies follow different standards for software project development. Learn Software Project Delivery by enrolling in a software project management class. Project Management Classes for software development is essential. However, the core principles remain the same.


Software project management principles

The following are the main software project management principles:


Software Business Plan

Software business plan is about understanding the business requirements. Define and estimate the return on investment, work hours, money and time. Furthermore, identify and document every step of the software business plan. Add all Critical features and service offerings. Software business plans define the features required. Hence, the need for a software business plan.


Software Design Plan

Use the design plan to make and create the software. The design plan will be high level details of what is expected and how will it be completed. Hence, software design is the blue print of the overall working of the software and its respective features.


Software Development Plan

Here you will define the time, cost and other parameters required based on the software design plan. Software design plan is the high level plan. Therefore, software development plan contains the total hours, cost and other items required to develop the plan. The plan has different phases and development cycles. Above all, software development plan gives different teams different structure of the software. When others join they can know how the software works. Documentation is key.


Software Coding

This is the timelines where the software engineers will now work on build out of the code design. Coders need to track time. Each development module needs to be tracked. Hence, the need for software code tracking. It is important.


Software Testing 

All software applications go through extensive testing phases. Prior to any testing, the testing team prepares the testing documents. Testing documents contain all the tests, performance matrix process testing steps.

During the test phase, the software test teams generate bugs. Software teams evaluates the bugs. Therefore, developers make new code to address the bugs.

Process continues. Bugs continue to decrease. Certainly developers continue making new codes to ensure bugs are take care of. Proper testing is one of the software project principles.


Software Integration

Best practice is having a test bed to run the final version of the software. This is called the software integration. Objective is to duplicate all the components of the live network. Test environment gives a clear perspective of how the software will work in a live network.

Software Integration gives an opportunity to see how software works in a live network. Hence, high probability of new bugs and development.


Software Implementation

Software implementation phase sorts and categorizes bugs. This is where the account team work on the deployment of the software into the live network. Phasing out bugs is best approach. Software project delivery ensures it. Therefore, engineers build proper project delivery frameworks.


Software Maintenance

All live software requires maintenance. Maintain software to keep things working smoothly. Without maintaining software the project fails. Maintenance is key. Consequently, always ensure you have a proper framework. Codes perform poorly if not maintained. Imagining not knowing what is fixed in what code. Becomes a havoc for customers. In fact, you can also loose business.



The reality is that Software project management is not an easy perspective. Software project management skill-set is mandatory. If you do not have the project management skills or certification in project management, managing and developing software will be costly and ineffective. We recommend project management certification or training that helps in building and enhancing value in software projects.

Software Project Management

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