Take the PMP Examination or Not?

Weirdly enough I still get asked this question. And I don’t get it once. In fact I get it hundreds and thousands of times. That is one of the reasons why I’m going to set the record straight. So finely we are giving the answers to the most brilliant of all questions. Is it really worth getting the PMP certification or not? Should you take the pmp examination or not? Let us answer these questions for you.

They are really no cons or negatives regarding this PMP certification. In fact there are 1,000,001 reasons why people should actually go for the PMP certification. But since you are contemplating, so let’s begin with the topmost reasons why anyone should actually go for a certification in project management.

9 Reasons to Take the PMP Today!

The following are 9 core reasons to take the PMP project management certification today!


International Best Practice Knowledge Base

Increasing your own knowledge base is a great reason to pursue a PMP examination. I personally would rate this my number 1 reason why I moved forward with my PMP examination.


Improve your Job Delivery

With the required knowledge base, you have new and improved skills. Fantastic. Now, use them on projects. See and feel difference. Job delivery and projects see a direct impact on new knowledge and improved skill levels. Time, cost and energy optimize.


Improve your Chances of Obtaining and Securing Jobs

The new world market has changed drastically. 87% of global companies require PMP for project management level jobs. There are no exceptions. So, you either loose out or improve your changes to win!


Salary increase

Yes indeed. Organizations preferred professionals with a project management certification. And they are ready to pay a premium. This could be a little bit tricky if you are employed as an organization and they might not pay the above dollar for a project management professional. However, if you go into a new role, project managers are highly recommended.


Become an Expert

This should be simple. Whenever you’re in a room, you would always consult the doctor. Very similarly, a project management certification enables people to understand and label you as a specialist. And this is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a certified project manager. Irrespective of the project type, you will always be consulted regarding human resource, cost, pricing, and customer closure engagement.



Since you are certified network professional, you get to enjoy the perks of being in a larger network. You meet people who are very similar project managers like yourselves and they’re always looking for quality people all around. This is one of the benefits of being a project manager in any organization. Develop your network and enjoy being considered and covered as a project

Personal achievement, there is something to be said about personal achievement. Ever imagine getting one of the highest recommendation and awards all over the world? Well project management is one of them. So why not enjoy it the rewards and bask in the glory of faith.

We can continue going on the benefits of being a project manager. The simple element is that the market is going towards certified professional. So why not take the leap?

If you look at over thousands of people that we have trained, one thing that is in common and that is their persistence and undeterred attention towards my new detail in project delivery. And this is a benefit that only people who understand best practices can actually relate to we highly recommend that professionals enjoy it and become a part of this great team.


Bottom Line Revenue Enhancements

PMP gives you the skill set to have a direct impact on the bottom line revenue streams. With powerful project delivery outcomes, the business numbers improve. You can change project timelines, cost, work schedules and even priority of projects. All have impact on the profits.


International Opportunities

Since PMP is an international degree. World recognizes the degree as a global recognition. With this, you can access and eligibility to international opportunities.


We have shared our stellar views on the top reasons to conclude a project management pmp certification. Do share with us your views and what are your thoughts on doing the certification or not doing the certification.

Take the PMP Examination or Not?

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