19 Call Center Supervisor Tips to Effectively Manage Call Center Teams

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Call Centers always require supervisors. Supervisors are responsible for the teams. They have an important job to perform. But what makes a successful call center supervisor? The following are the main call center supervisor tips to effectively manage call centers and teams:


1. Be Punctual

Timing is of essence. Call center is all about starting the shifts on time. In fact you need to come earlier. This is important. There is a call volume that needs to be followed. For teams to be on time, it is mandatory that the supervisors are also on time. First rule is being punctual.


2. Honest

In call center environments, many things go wrong. That is fine. Be honest. Have integrity. Know where to not cross the line. Never give in. Always be practical. Never be willing to disturb the peace and operations.

Many people report into a supervisor. For that, supervisors can have biased approach. You need to have fair play.


3. Great communicator

You will have to be a great communicator. Without having good communication skills, you will fail. And fail miserably. We recommend that supervisors go through extensive advanced communication skills courses. Be practical. Become a person that people come to. Communicating is key. You keep on communicating important information. It is imperative that you are good at it.


4. Problem Solver

Know more than the agents. You need to be a problem solver. You can never know less. Agents come to you. Know how to solve their issues. This bring respect. Always be on top of your game. Know the applications. Become an expert on the critical issues.


5. Motivator

Be motivating. Agents need to be motivated. Be a team leaders. Show them that you can motivate them and keep track of excellence.


6. Continuous feedback

Call center is all about improving service. Have a skill to continuously provide quality feedback. How? Well keep on connecting with your team. Listen to the calls. Understand the weaknesses. And deliver inputs for improving.


7. Praise and Recognition

You need to praise good behavior. Always have walls of praise. Keep the best agents active and on radar. Recognize talent. And become continuously improving the service standards.


8. Positive Team Management

The agents that listen to calls know a bit more. And that is totally fine. Never be a complete know it all. Always be a positive influence. Share and get guidance. Many of times the agents can provide input. Be open to it.


9. Be Available

The call center is a 24×7 support department. For that you need to continuously engage with your agents. You need to foster relationships. Not all the times your agents will be on your shift. This is reality. For that, be consistently available.


10. Empower Teams

Teams need to be empowered. Empowerment enables better customer service outcomes. So keep on empowering your teams to take the extra step for customer service.


11. Key Insight on Reporting

Reports from call center solutions provide key insights. Many of times supervisors are great at managing teams but do not know how to manage reports. It is all about statistics. This is mandatory. Keep the focus. Learn the reports. See what you can extract. Become an expert. Through the data you can evaluate trends and make improvements.


12. Be process driven

Improve processes. Tell the team to continuously grow processes. There is no other option. Without process improvements you will never be able to develop better service. Ensure everyone has a key insight to improve processes.


13. Be an Integrator

Call Center solutions have integrated platforms. Understand the integration. Build off of the knowledge and share with the community.


14. Sound Listener

Always have an ear to listen to your team. Have the heart as well. Listen to their grievances.


15. Be a strong decision maker

In call centers, supervisors are tackling problems. Become a strong decision maker. Evaluate the good and bad. And make practical decisions.


16. Strong Follow Ups

Supervisors are always called to take up angry customers. For that strong follow ups are required. Supervisors need to always keep escalated cases on high priority. How to deal with irate customers on the phone is the job of a supervisor.


17.  Follow Call center processes

Call centers have stringent processes. Always ensure that the teams are fully compliant to the rules and regulations. This is an important call center supervisor tip.


18. Be a mentor

Agents will never be agents for ever. They need to take on new positions and responsibilities. And for that supervisors need to be mentors. Develop the skills of agents.


19. Become a change agent

Supervisors are change agents. Things always keep on changing. Hence there is a need to always be a change agent for everyone.

19 Call Center Supervisor Tips to Effectively Manage Call Center Teams

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