5 Healthy Food for Kids – Recommended by nutritionists!

Being a mother is not the easiest job in the world. Specially when you also need to be a cook as well. Having been given the wonderful gift of kids, you need to ensure that you jam pack them with the best meals in the world. What are the healthy food for kids? A question each mom asks. Meals that are good for them and also they enjoy. And that is the hardest balance to keep. Hence, we went around and found the following to be the best food for kids. We asked the best chefs and nutritionists we could get our hands on. So, wait no more. Here is the list of the best 8 amazingly healthy food for kids:

However, one recommendation we always to get from expert doctors is that you need to be fully aware of your public health services and even consult a quality diagnostic and lab for basic tests to ensure that your kids do not have any deficiencies. Many kids have deficiencies in Vitamins or certain Irons and the food intakes will depend on accordingly.

This list is most important during the coronavirus epidemic.


Sweet Potatoes

This ranks really high in terms of the benefits it provides kids. The vitamin A in sweet potatoes keeps the eyes health and acts like an antioxidant in the body. Sweet potatoes are loved by everyone. Even little kids. The kids love sweet potatoes for their sweet scent, color, aroma and bright colors.

Sweet potatoes can be used as a side dish as well. You can add this to a variety of different main food services. And the best part about making sweet potatoes is that it is really easy to make. First you bake a potato to 375 degrees for at least half an hour to 45 minutes. Then you use the special ingredients like apple syrup, cinnamon sugar and even vanilla yogurt to entice your loved ones.

You can’t stop counting the overall ratings of sweet potatoes. A delight for all. Excellent healthy food for any kids.



Fish is a great delight. It is pure in taste and has all the essential ingredients of a great diet plan for kids. You can use the salmon as a piece meal for many final dish makes. Salmon is an excellent source of high quality protein which children need during their early years. Kids also need the Omega 3 fatty acids that are essential for brain development and healthy hearts.



Yogurt is the best runners-up. The best part of yogurt is that it is instantaneous and mothers and fathers alike can amaze their kids with amazing recipes. You can use syrup, honey and fruits to add color and flavor to yogurt. Surprise your kids today with yogurt.



This is our traditional favorite. You can’t have a weekend without the tasty morsel of hummus. Hummus is great for the heart and the body. It is also a number 1 favorite for doctors. Kids love the taste and color of humus. It is fiber and added complex carbs. If you add carrots and olive oil you have a spectacular dish. The carbs fuel the energy drives and the fibers keeps the tummy filled. Also you can get hummus from the shops as well and use them accordingly.


Mango Salads and Shakes

Yes we have a shake on our best foods to give kids. Mango is a fruit with endless benefits to the mind and body. It has a surplus supply of vitamin C which helps the immune system running strongly and keeps the teeth and gum healthy. We recommend using mango as a main food core and having other items as side liners like straw berries or whipped cream. Mango does the job in terms of the quality of calories and vitamins required.


This list has been approved and recommended by several leading doctors and nutritionists. If you have any recommendations and want to share your inputs and ideas, please do. Love to hear from you.


5 Healthy Food for Kids – Recommended by nutritionists!

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